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22nd European Regional ITS Conference, Budapest 2011

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This collection contains the conference papers from the

2011 European Regional ITS Conference
Budapest 18-21 September, 2011

"Innovative ICT Applications - Emerging Regulatory, Economic and Policy Issues"

There are hot topics, arisen from the digital convergence and the emerging new e-services and applications based on the convergent technologies, in particularly on the area of smart home and workplace, e-health, intelligent transport, energy-aware green technologies, digital cities. The research on the future of the Internet has become a strategic priority in the developed countries, including the socio-economic, security and regulatory issues. There are challenges from the deployment of new multimedia content and innovative internet applications, including 3D videos, tele-presence applications, multiplayer network gaming, enhanced and virtual world. The recent implementation of the new EU regulatory framework in electronic communications provides great importance for the exchange of the experiences and the discussions aiming at the selection of the best practices.

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DateTitle Authors
2011 Automatic map-based FTTx access network designMitcsenkov, Attila / Katzenberger, Péter / Bakos, Péter / Paksy, Géza
2011 A typology of cooperation strategies in the telecommunication industry: An exploratory analysis and theoretical foundationsLimbach, Felix / Wulf, Jochen / Zarnekow, Rüdiger / Düser, Michael
2011 Analysis of business opportunities of secondary use of spectrum: The case of TV white space for mobile broadband accessMarkendahl, Jan / Mäkitalo, Östen
2011 Online tracking: Questioning the power of informed consentvan Eijk, N. / Helberger, N. / Kool, L. / van der Plas, A. / van der Sloot, B.
2011 Using quality information is analysis - with experimentGalli, Richard
2011 Web crawler research methodologyNemeslaki, András / Pocsarovszky, Károly
2011 Financial requirements for nationwide fibre access coverageJay, Stephan / Plueckebaum, Thomas
2011 Open internet access to CATV networks: experiences from the EUValcke, Peggy / Hou, Liyang / Stevens, David
2011 Convergence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors in the East African Community (EAC): Challenges for the current legislative and regulatory frameworks and lessons from the European Union experienceKariuki Nyaga, Joseph
2011 Agame-theoretical approach to network capacity planning under competitionWaldman, Helio / Bortoletto, Rodrigo C. / Pavani, Gustavo S.
2011 Analysis of google entry in unified communications from a resource and competence perspectiveVialle, Pierre
2011 Ordinance on technical requirements and conditions of use of optical distribution networks of the Croatian regulatory agency - Analysis and outlookBrusić, Igor / Kittl, Jörg / Ruhle, Ernst-Olav / Žuti, Vladimir
2011 Competition, regulation and broadband access to the internetGötz, Georg
2011 Managed information gathering and fusion for transient transport problemsSzucs, Gábor
2011 The regulation of telecommunication in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern IrelandSutherland, Ewan
2011 Would you prefer a set menu or à la carte? An empirical study of multiple services and choices of consumer in the Swedish telecommunications marketSrinuan, Pratompong / Srinuan, Chalita / Bohlin, Erik
2011 Evolution of the EU broadband policy: Towards an integrated framework?Teppayayon, Orada / Bohlin, Erik
2011 Procompetitive infrastructure sector regulation and diffusion of innovation: The case of broadband networksGruber, Harald / Koutroumpis, Pantelis
2011 How impact fees and local planning regulation can influence deployment of telecoms infrastructureGorecki, Paul / Hennessy, Hugh / Lyons, Sean
2011 Competition for Partners: Strategic Games in Wholesale International RoamingDomínguez Lacasa, Javier
2011 From industry norms on full costing to ecologies: On pricing principles in telecomWestelius, Alf
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