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22nd European Regional ITS Conference, Budapest 2011

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This collection contains the conference papers from the

2011 European Regional ITS Conference
Budapest 18-21 September, 2011

"Innovative ICT Applications - Emerging Regulatory, Economic and Policy Issues"

There are hot topics, arisen from the digital convergence and the emerging new e-services and applications based on the convergent technologies, in particularly on the area of smart home and workplace, e-health, intelligent transport, energy-aware green technologies, digital cities. The research on the future of the Internet has become a strategic priority in the developed countries, including the socio-economic, security and regulatory issues. There are challenges from the deployment of new multimedia content and innovative internet applications, including 3D videos, tele-presence applications, multiplayer network gaming, enhanced and virtual world. The recent implementation of the new EU regulatory framework in electronic communications provides great importance for the exchange of the experiences and the discussions aiming at the selection of the best practices.

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DateTitle Authors
2011 The latent regulations for the TD-SCDMA development in China: Socio-technical translation process study for the third 3G standardChao, Fu-Cheng / Veijalainen, Jari
2011 Does the growth of mobile markets cause the demise of fixed networks? Evidence from the European UnionBarth, Anne-Kathrin / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2011 TVWS policies to enable efficient spectrum sharingDosch, Christoph / Kubasik, Jerzy / Silva, Carlos Filipe M.
2011 Valuation of spectrum for mobile broadband services: Engineering value versus willingness to payMölleryd, Bengt G. / Markendahl, Jan
2011 Game-theoretic analysis of IPv4-IPv6 migration processTrinh, Tuan Anh / Sallai, Gyula
2011 How many ladders of investment?Herrera-González, Fernando
2011 Market driven network neutrality and the fallacies of internet traffic quality regulationKnieps, Günter
2011 How to create a national spectrum strategy in harmony with EU requirementKolláth, Gábor / Vári, Péter
2011 Factors influencing the adoption of mobile services consumers' preferences using analytic hierarchy processNikou, Shahrokh / Mezei, Jozsef / Bouwman, Harry / Liu, Yong
2011 Empirical analysis of internal social media and product innovation: Focusing on SNS and social capitalIdota, Hiroki / Minetaki, Kazunori / Bunno, Teruyuki / Tsuji, Masatsugu
2011 Network sharing and co-investments in NGN as a way to fulfill the goal with the digital agendaMölleryd, Bengt G.
2011 The rise of independent administrative authorities in Turkey: A close look on sources, successes and challenges of this new institutional transformationGöktaylar, Yavuz
2011 A global analysis of third generation mobile telecommunications market entryMadden, Gary / Morey, Aaron / Bohlin, Erik
2011 New regulatory challenges from cloud computing as a public utility perspectiveKosa, Zsuzsanna
2011 Panel data analysis of factors of broadband services diffusion in OECD countries: Focus on deployment and migrationShinohara, S. / Akematsu, Y. / Tsuji, M.
2011 From industry norms on full costing to ecologies: On pricing principles in telecomWestelius, Alf
2011 Competition for Partners: Strategic Games in Wholesale International RoamingDomínguez Lacasa, Javier
2011 How impact fees and local planning regulation can influence deployment of telecoms infrastructureGorecki, Paul / Hennessy, Hugh / Lyons, Sean
2011 Procompetitive infrastructure sector regulation and diffusion of innovation: The case of broadband networksGruber, Harald / Koutroumpis, Pantelis
2011 Evolution of the EU broadband policy: Towards an integrated framework?Teppayayon, Orada / Bohlin, Erik
2011 Would you prefer a set menu or à la carte? An empirical study of multiple services and choices of consumer in the Swedish telecommunications marketSrinuan, Pratompong / Srinuan, Chalita / Bohlin, Erik
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