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22nd European Regional ITS Conference, Budapest 2011

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This collection contains the conference papers from the

2011 European Regional ITS Conference
Budapest 18-21 September, 2011

"Innovative ICT Applications - Emerging Regulatory, Economic and Policy Issues"

There are hot topics, arisen from the digital convergence and the emerging new e-services and applications based on the convergent technologies, in particularly on the area of smart home and workplace, e-health, intelligent transport, energy-aware green technologies, digital cities. The research on the future of the Internet has become a strategic priority in the developed countries, including the socio-economic, security and regulatory issues. There are challenges from the deployment of new multimedia content and innovative internet applications, including 3D videos, tele-presence applications, multiplayer network gaming, enhanced and virtual world. The recent implementation of the new EU regulatory framework in electronic communications provides great importance for the exchange of the experiences and the discussions aiming at the selection of the best practices.

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DateTitle Authors
2011 Triple play as a separate market? Empirical findings and consequences to broadband market definitionPápai, Zoltán / Lőrincz, László / Édes, Balázs
2011 The relationship between local loop unbundling and the deployment of alternative broadband networks: An empirical analysisGarrone, Paola / Zaccagnino, Michele
2011 Can mobile eco-systems for technical innovations be standardized? The case of mobile wallets and contactless communicationMarkendahl, Jan / Andersson, Per / Mattsson, Lars-Gunnar
2011 Case study on the hybrid business model: KT's OTSSong, Minzheong
2011 High correlation between net promoter score and the development of consumers' willingness to pay (Empirical evidence from European mobile markets)Jeanjean, François
2011 The regulation of national roamingSutherland, Ewan
2011 Role of institutions for effective telecommunications regulation: Palestine as a case studyDhaher, Omar
2011 Regulation system study for innovative communication servicesHong, Soonho
2011 Long-term penetration and traffic forecasts for the Western European fixed broadband marketStordahl, Kjell
2011 Paving the way to e-services: Innovation through online gamesDe Prato, Giuditta / Simon, Jean Paul
2011 The evolution from sector-specific regulation towards competition law in EU telecom markets from 1997 to 2011: Different effects in practical implementationFreund, Natascha / Ruhle, Ernst-Olav
2011 Legal gaps under deregulatory broadband policies and the resurgent rise of corporate powerCherry, Barbara A.
2011 Towards the alternative measurement: Discovering the relationships between technology adoption and quality of life in IndonesiaRohman, Ibrahim Kholilul / Bohlin, Erik
2011 Analysis of Hungarian programs for broadband infrastructure developmentKis, Gergely
2011 An empirical analysis of the state of competition in OECD mobile wireless marketsSung, Nakil / Kwon, Mi-ae
2011 Communication perspectives on social networking and citizen journalism challenges to traditional newspapersKatz, James E.
2011 WAPECS: A method for flexible regulation of radio accesses in the European UnionGrad, János
2011 The mobile communications role in next generation networks: The case of SpainFeijoo, Claudio / Gómez-Barroso, José-Luis / Ramos, Sergio / Coomonte, Rafael
2011 Scenario driven requirement engineering for design and deployment of mobile communication networksMarkendahl, Jan / Mölleryd, Bengt G. / Beckman, Claes / Mäkitalo, Östen
2011 Critical market shares for investors and access seekers and competitive models in fibre networksJay, Stephan / Neumann, Karl-Heinz / Plückebaum, Thomas
2011 Relying on storage or ICT? How to maintain low voltage grids' stability with an increasing feed-in of fluctuating renewable energy sourcesRömer, Benedikt / Reichhart, Philipp / Kranz, Johann / Picot, Arnold
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