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DateTitle Authors
2008 To what extent do Latin Americans trust and cooperate? Field experiments on social exclusion in six Latin American countriesCárdenas, Juan Camilo / Chong, Alberto / Ñopo, Hugo
2008 Ethnicity and human capital accumulation in urban MexicoÑopo, Hugo / Winder, Natalia
2008 Veto Players, intertemporal interactions and policy adaptability: How do political institutions work?Scartascini, Carlos / Stein, Ernesto / Tommasi, Mariano
2008 El estado de la salud sexual y reproductiva en América Latina y el Caribe: Una visión globalFlórez, Carmen Elisa / Soto, Victoria Eugenia
2008 On the micro-foundations of contract versus conflict with implications for international peace-makingCuesta, José A. / Murshed, Syed Mansoob
2008 How do crises affect schooling decisions? Evidence from changing labor market opportunities and a policy experimentLópez Bóo, Florencia
2008 Gender segregation in the workplace and wage gaps: Evidence from urban Mexico 1994 - 2004Calónico, Sebastián / Ñopo, Hugo
2008 Is informality a good measure of job quality? Evidence from job satisfaction dataPagés, Carmen / Madrigal, Lucía
2008 Gender and ethnic wage gaps in Guatemala from a matching comparisons perspectiveÑopo, Hugo / Gonzales, Alberto
2008 The conflictive relationship between satisfaction and incomeLora, Eduardo / Chaparro, Juan Camilo
2008 El futuro de los pactos fiscales en América LatinaLora, Eduardo
2008 Desigualdad y focalización geográfica del gasto social: El caso de EcuadorAzevedo, Viviane / Robles, Marcos
2008 Soap operas and fertility: Evidence from BrazilLa Ferrara, Eliana / Chong, Alberto / Duryea, Suzanne
2008 On emerging economy sovereign spreads and ratingsPowell, Andrew / Martínez, Juan Francisco
2008 Stated social behavior and revealed actions: Evidence from six Latin American countries using representative samplesCárdenas, Juan Camilo / Chong, Alberto / Ñopo, Hugo
2008 Breaking credibility in monetary policy: The role of politics in the stability of the central bankerRueda R., Miguel Ricardo
2007 Corporate Governance and Firm Valuation in ColombiaPombo, Carlos / Gutiérrez, Luis H.
2007 On the determinants and effects of political influenceChong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2007 No education, no good jobs? Evidence from the relationship between education and labor market segmentationPagés, Carmen / Stampini, Marco
2007 Institutional quality and government efficiencyChong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2007 La vulnerabilidad fiscal del gasto social: ¿Es diferente América Latina?Lora, Eduardo
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