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DateTitle Authors
1994 Fiscal Policy and the Choice of Exchange Rate RegimeTornell, Aaron / Velasco, Andrés
1994 Inflows of Capital to Developing Countries in the 1990s: Causes and EffectsLeiderman, Leonardo / Calvo, Guillermo A. / Reinhart, Carmen
1995 Varieties of Capital-Market CrisesCalvo, Guillermo A.
1995 Issues in estimating benefits with non-market methodsMacConnell, Kenneth E.
1995 Political stabilization cycles in high inflation economiesStein, Ernesto H. / Streb, Jorge M.
1995 Testing the Hypothesis of Collusive Behavior Among OPEC MembersSpilimbergo, Antonio
1995 The Macroeconomics of Capital Flows to Latin America: Experience and Policy IssuesGavin, Michael / Hausmann, Ricardo / Leiderman, Leonardo
1995 Dealing with Negative Oil Shocks: The Venezuelan Experience in the EightiesHausmann, Ricardo
1995 Fiscal policy and the business cycle associated with exchange rate-based stabilizations: Evidence from Uruguay's 1978 and 1991 programsTalvi, Ernesto
1995 Achieving stability in Latin American financial markets in the presence of volatile capital flowsRojas-Suarez, Liliana / Weisbrod, Steven
1995 De-Industrialization and TradeSpilimbergo, Antonio
1995 Swimming Against the Tide: Strategies for Improving Equity in HealthBirdsall, Nancy / Hecht, Robert
1996 Illegal Immigration, Border Enforcement, and Relative Wages: Evidence from Apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico BorderHanson, Gordon H. / Spilimbergo, Antonio
1996 On Restructuring, Regulation, and Competition in Utility Industries: Experience in the United Kingdom and Implications for Latin AmericaPowell, Andrew
1996 Savings in Chile: What Went Right?Morandé, Felipe G.
1996 Managing banking crises in Latin America: The do's and don'ts of successful bank restructuring programsRojas-Suárez, Liliana / Weisbrod, Steven R.
1996 Why Low Inequality Spurs Growth: Savings and Investment by the PoorBirdsall, Nancy / Pinckney, Thomas C. / Sabot, Richard H.
1996 Fragmentación e incentivos en los sistemas de atención de la salud en América Latina y el CaribeMaceira, Daniel
1996 Managing Fiscal Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Volatility, Procyclicality, and Limited CreditworthinessGavin, Michael / Hausmann, Ricardo / Perotti, Roberto / Talvi, Ernesto
1996 The welfare implications of trading blocs among countries with different endowmentsSpilimbergo, Antonio / Stein, Ernesto
1996 Equipment Investment and the Relative Demand for Skilled Labor: International EvidenceFlug, Karnit / Hercowitz, Zvi
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