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DateTitle Authors
2008 To what extent do Latin Americans trust and cooperate? Field experiments on social exclusion in six Latin American countriesCárdenas, Juan Camilo / Chong, Alberto / Ñopo, Hugo
2008 Who needs strong leaders?Chong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2008 Booms and busts in Latin America: The role of external factorsIzquierdo, Alejandro / Romero, Randall / Talvi, Ernesto
2008 Does a mature AIDS epidemic threaten growth?Cuesta, José
2008 Systemic sudden stops: The relevance of balance-sheet effects and financial integrationCalvo, Guillermo A. / Izquierdo, Alejandro / Mejía, Luis-Fernando
2008 Happiness and beliefs in criminal environmentsDi Tella, Rafael / MacCulloch, Robert / Ñopo, Hugo
2008 Public investment in developing countries: A blessing or a curse?Cavallo, Eduardo / Daude, Christian
2008 The political economy of productivity: Actors, arenas, and policies. A framework of analysisMurillo, María Victoria / Scartascini, Carlos / Tommasi, Mariano
2008 Are crises good for long-term growth? The role of political institutionsCavallo, Alberto F. / Cavallo, Eduardo A.
2008 Political participation and quality of lifeWeitz-Shapiro, Rebecca / Winters, Matthew S.
2008 Political institutions, state capabilities and public policy: International evidenceScartascini, Carlos / Stein, Ernesto / Tommasi, Mariano
2008 Measuring quality of life in Latin America: What happiness research can (and cannot) contributeGraham, Carol
2008 Do credit rating agencies add value? Evidence from the sovereign rating business institutionsCavallo, Eduardo A. / Powell, Andrew / Rigobón, Roberto
2009 Calidad del empleo y productividad laboral en el PerúChacaltana, Juan / Yamada, Gustavo
2009 How much are we willing to pay to send poor adolescents to school? Simulating changes to Mexico's Oportunidades in urban areasAzevedo, Viviane / Bouillon, César P. / Yáñez-Pagans, Patricia
2009 Rising mortality and life expectancy differentials by lifetime earnings in the United StatesCristia, Julian P.
2009 La enseñanza de economía en Bolivia y ChileEspinoza, Lourdes / Machicado S., Carlos Gustavo / Makhlouf, Katia
2009 Political institutions, intertemporal cooperation, and the quality of policiesScartascini, Carlos / Stein, Ernesto / Tommasi, Mariano
2009 The multilateral response to the global crisis: Rationale, modalities, and feasibilityFernández-Arias, Eduardo / Powell, Andrew / Rebucci, Alessandro
2009 Financial development and TFP growth: Cross-country and industry-level evidenceArizala, Francisco / Cavallo, Eduardo / Galindo, Arturo
2009 Part-time work, gender and job satisfaction: Evidence from a developing countryLópez Bóo, Florencia / Madrigal, Lucia / Pagés, Carmen
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