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DateTitle Authors
2014 Dissatisfied with life or with being interviewed? Happiness and motivation to participate in a surveyChadi, Adrian
2014 Income tax buyouts and income tax evasionGoerke, Laszlo
2014 Workers' participation in wage setting and opportnistic behaviour: Evidence from a gift-exchange experimentFranke, Jörg / Gurtoviy, Ruslan / Mertins, Vanessa
2014 The magic of the new: How job changes affect job satisfactionChadi, Adrian / Hetschko, Clemens
2014 Family employees and absenteeismBlock, Jörn / Goerke, Laszlo / Millán, José María / Román, Concepción
2014 Gambling to leapfrog in status?Friehe, Tim / Mechtel, Mario
2014 The labor market effects of trade unions: Layard meets MelitzDe Pinto, Marco / Michaelis, Jochen
2013 The role of interviewer encounters in panel responses on life satisfactionChadi, Adrian
2013 Do overconfident workers cooperate less? The relationship between overconfidence and cooperation in team productionMertins, Vanessa / Hoffeld, Wolfgang
2013 It's the occupation, stupid! Explaining candidates' success in low-information electionsMechtel, Mario
2013 Third person effects in interview responses on life satisfactionChadi, Adrian
2013 Relative consumption and tax evasionGoerke, Laszlo
2013 Direct evidence on income comparisons and subjective well-beingGoerke, Laszlo / Pannenberg, Markus
2013 The role of task meaning on output in groups: Experimental evidenceBäker, Agnes / Mechtel, Mario
2013 Flexibilisation without hesitation? Temporary contracts and Workers' satisfactionChadi, Adrian / Hetschko, Clemens
2013 Relative consumption, working time, and trade unionsGoerke, Laszlo / Hillesheim, Inga
2013 Regional unemployment and norm-induced effects on life satisfactionChadi, Adrian
2013 Gender differences in responsiveness to a homo economicus prime in the gift-exchange gameMertins, Vanessa / Warning, Susanne
2013 Variants of the Monoamine Oxidase A Gene (MAOA) predict free-riding behavior in women in a strategic public goods experimentMertins, Vanessa / Schote, Andrea B. / Meyer, Jobst
2013 Structural and cyclical effects of tax progressionKremer, Jana / Stähler, Nikolai
2012 Benefit morale and cross-country diversity in sick pay entitlementsArnold, Daniel
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