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DateTitle Authors
2011 Employed but still unhappy? On the relevance of the social work normChadi, Adrian
2011 The relationship between homeownership and life satisfaction in GermanyZumbro, Timo
2011 Pareto-optimality in linear public goods gamesHokamp, Sascha / Pickhardt, Michael
2011 Regional unemployment and norm-induced effects on life satisfactionChadi, Adrian
2011 Analysing growth and productivity in Syria by growth accountingSchalk, Hans Joachim
2011 A Monte Carlo simulation comparing DEA, SFA and two simple approaches to combine efficiency estimatesAndor, Mark / Hesse, Frederik
2011 Income tax evasion dynamics: Evidence from an agent-based econophysics modelPickhardt, Michael / Seibold, Goetz
2011 Size and causes of the underground economy in Spain: A correction of the record and new evidence from the MCDR approachPickhardt, Michael / Sardà, Jordi
2011 A methodology approach to delineate functional economic market areas: With an iterative three-step spatial clustering procedureOberst, Christian A.
2011 Cash, hoarding and the underground economyPickhardt, Michael / Sardà, Jordi
2012 House prices, housing development costs, and the supply of new single-family housing in German counties and citiesLerbs, Oliver W.
2012 The impact of low emission zones on PM10 levels in urban areas in GermanyMalina, Christiane / Fischer, Frauke
2012 Quantities vs. capacities: Minimizing the social cost of renewable energy promotionAndor, Mark / Flinkerbusch, Kai / Voß, Achim
2012 The StoNED age: The departure into a new era of efficiency analysis? An MC study comparing StoNED and the "oldies" (SFA and DEA)Andor, Mark / Hesse, Frederik
2012 Analyzing the international competitiveness of the industry in Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain using revealed comparative advantages (RCA) indicatorsOelgemöller, Jens
2013 How disagreement about social costs leads to inefficient energy productivity investmentVoß, Achim
2013 Economic and employment growth in Germany: The sectoral elements of Verdoorn's Law with regional dataOelgemöller, Jens
2013 The impact of urban amenities on apartment prices in Münster: How important is location within a city?Hiller, Norbert
2013 A parallel currency proposal for the stronger Euro-statesvan Suntum, Ulrich
2013 Inter-generational distribution of resources in a model of economic growth: Taking the land vs. food trade-off into accountVoosholz, Frauke
2014 Böhm-Bawerk meets Keynes: What does determine the interest rate, and can the latter become negative?van Suntum, Ulrich
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