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DateTitle Authors
2008 Dynamic efficiency and reswitchingvan Suntum, Ulrich
2008 Quality of life in the regions: An exploratory spatial data analysis for West German labor marketsRusche, Karsten
2008 Assimilation and cohort effects for German immigrantsGundel, Sebastian / Peters, Heiko
2008 Optimal consumption and taxation of housing: A life cycle approachvan Suntum, Ulrich
2008 Electricity pricing and market power: Evidence from GermanyJanssen, Matthias / Wobben, Magnus
2008 The purchasing power argument: Could rising wages foster employment?van Suntum, Ulrich
2008 Income taxes, death taxes, and optimal consumption-leisure-savings-choicevan Suntum, Ulrich
2008 The interest rate and the growth rate: Steady-state-efficiency in OLG-modelsvan Suntum, Ulrich
2009 How to overcome the Great Financial Crisis: An asset exchange approachvan Suntum, Ulrich
2009 From full life to balanced life: Extending Martin Seligman's route to happinessPrinz, Aloys / Bünger, Björn
2009 Cost reduction potentials in the German market for balancing powerFlinkerbusch, Kai / Heuterkes, Michael
2009 Bad banks: The case of GermanyIlgmann, Cordelius / van Suntum, Ulrich
2009 Economic confidence, negative interest rates, and liquidity: Towards Keynesianism 2.0van Suntum, Ulrich
2009 Does wage rigidity really exist? New evidence from US panel datavon Blanckenburg, Korbinian / Geist, Alexander / Schmidt, Jörg
2009 The decline of relational goods in the production of well-being?Prinz, Aloys / Bünger, Björn
2009 RCAs within Western EuropeOelgemöller, Jens / Westermeier, Andreas
2010 Sectoral job effects of trade: An input-output analysis for GermanyLurweg, Maren / Oelgemöller, Jens / Westermeier, Andreas
2010 Jobs gained and lost through trade: The case of GermanyLurweg, Maren / Westermeier, Andreas
2010 The search for optimal competitive balance in formula oneKrauskopf, Thomas / Langen, Martin / Bünger, Björn
2010 Auswirkungen der Finanz- und Schuldenkrise auf den deutschen EigenheimsektorLerbs, Oliver / Oberst, Christian / Jorch, Michael
2010 Why is there no revolution in North-Korea? The political economy of revolution revisitedApolte, Thomas
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