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DateTitle Authors
2011 Employed but still unhappy? On the relevance of the social work normChadi, Adrian
2011 Pareto meets Olson: A note on Pareto-optimality and group size in linear public goods gamesPickhardt, Michael
2011 The advent of corporate limited liability in Prussia 1843Ilgmann, Cordelius
2011 A more efficient procurement mechanism for reserver capacity in the German market for balancing powerFlinkerbusch, Kai
2011 Negative nominal interest rates: History and current proposalsIlgmann, Cordelius / Menner, Martin
2011 Walter Eucken`s principles of economic policy todayvan Suntum, Ulrich / Böhm, Tobias / Oelgemöller, Jens / Ilgmann, Cordelius
2011 The usefulness of a Happy Income IndexPrinz, Aloys / Bünger, Björn
2011 Silvio Gesell: 'a strange, unduly neglected' monetary theoristIlgmann, Cordelius
2010 A way out of pay-as-you-go without a double burdenvan Suntum, Ulrich
2010 Income tax evasion in a society of heterogeneous agents: Evidence from an agent-based modelHokamp, Sascha / Pickhardt, Michael
2010 A few can do: Ethical behavior and the provision of public goods in an agent-based modelPickhardt, Michael
2010 Bonus payments for electricity production from renewable energy sources and the impact on the market participants' capacity choiceFlinkerbusch, Kai
2010 Perceived job insecurity, unemployment risk and international trade: A micro-level analysis of employees in German service industriesLurweg, Maren
2010 Democracy and prosperity in two decades of transitionApolte, Thomas
2010 The size of the underground economy in Germany: A correction of the record and new evidence from the Modified-Cash-Deposit-Ratio approachPickhardt, Michael / Sarda, Jordi
2010 Comparing cartel behavior: A simulation analysis with the System of Cartel Markers (SCM)Preißler-Jebe, Jan Hendrik / von Blanckenburg, Korbinian / Geist, Alexander
2010 Is there a link between home ownership and unemployment levels? Evidence from German regional dataLerbs, Oliver
2010 International trade and individual labour market perspectives: A micro-level analysis of German manufacturing workersLurweg, Maren / Uhde, Nicole
2010 The election of a world championLangen, Martin / Krauskopf, Thomas
2010 Cultural infrastructure and regional economic well-being in Germany: Are we creative yet?Krauskopf, Thomas / Bünger, Björn / Langen, Martin
2010 Why is there no revolution in North-Korea? The political economy of revolution revisitedApolte, Thomas
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