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DateTitle Authors
2009 Does wage rigidity really exist? New evidence from US panel datavon Blanckenburg, Korbinian / Geist, Alexander / Schmidt, Jörg
2009 The decline of relational goods in the production of well-being?Prinz, Aloys / Bünger, Björn
2009 RCAs within Western EuropeOelgemöller, Jens / Westermeier, Andreas
2010 Sectoral job effects of trade: An input-output analysis for GermanyLurweg, Maren / Oelgemöller, Jens / Westermeier, Andreas
2010 Jobs gained and lost through trade: The case of GermanyLurweg, Maren / Westermeier, Andreas
2010 The search for optimal competitive balance in formula oneKrauskopf, Thomas / Langen, Martin / Bünger, Björn
2010 Auswirkungen der Finanz- und Schuldenkrise auf den deutschen EigenheimsektorLerbs, Oliver / Oberst, Christian / Jorch, Michael
2010 Why is there no revolution in North-Korea? The political economy of revolution revisitedApolte, Thomas
2010 Cultural infrastructure and regional economic well-being in Germany: Are we creative yet?Krauskopf, Thomas / Bünger, Björn / Langen, Martin
2010 The election of a world championLangen, Martin / Krauskopf, Thomas
2010 International trade and individual labour market perspectives: A micro-level analysis of German manufacturing workersLurweg, Maren / Uhde, Nicole
2010 Is there a link between home ownership and unemployment levels? Evidence from German regional dataLerbs, Oliver
2010 Comparing cartel behavior: A simulation analysis with the System of Cartel Markers (SCM)Preißler-Jebe, Jan Hendrik / von Blanckenburg, Korbinian / Geist, Alexander
2010 The size of the underground economy in Germany: A correction of the record and new evidence from the Modified-Cash-Deposit-Ratio approachPickhardt, Michael / Sarda, Jordi
2010 Democracy and prosperity in two decades of transitionApolte, Thomas
2010 Perceived job insecurity, unemployment risk and international trade: A micro-level analysis of employees in German service industriesLurweg, Maren
2010 Bonus payments for electricity production from renewable energy sources and the impact on the market participants' capacity choiceFlinkerbusch, Kai
2010 A few can do: Ethical behavior and the provision of public goods in an agent-based modelPickhardt, Michael
2010 Income tax evasion in a society of heterogeneous agents: Evidence from an agent-based modelHokamp, Sascha / Pickhardt, Michael
2010 A way out of pay-as-you-go without a double burdenvan Suntum, Ulrich
2011 Silvio Gesell: 'a strange, unduly neglected' monetary theoristIlgmann, Cordelius
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