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DateTitle Authors
2012 The StoNED age: The departure into a new era of efficiency analysis? An MC study comparing StoNED and the "oldies" (SFA and DEA)Andor, Mark / Hesse, Frederik
2012 Quantities vs. capacities: Minimizing the social cost of renewable energy promotionAndor, Mark / Flinkerbusch, Kai / Voß, Achim
2012 The impact of low emission zones on PM10 levels in urban areas in GermanyMalina, Christiane / Fischer, Frauke
2012 House prices, housing development costs, and the supply of new single-family housing in German counties and citiesLerbs, Oliver W.
2011 Cash, hoarding and the underground economyPickhardt, Michael / Sardà, Jordi
2011 A methodology approach to delineate functional economic market areas: With an iterative three-step spatial clustering procedureOberst, Christian A.
2011 Size and causes of the underground economy in Spain: A correction of the record and new evidence from the MCDR approachPickhardt, Michael / Sardà, Jordi
2011 Income tax evasion dynamics: Evidence from an agent-based econophysics modelPickhardt, Michael / Seibold, Goetz
2011 A Monte Carlo simulation comparing DEA, SFA and two simple approaches to combine efficiency estimatesAndor, Mark / Hesse, Frederik
2011 Analysing growth and productivity in Syria by growth accountingSchalk, Hans Joachim
2011 Regional unemployment and norm-induced effects on life satisfactionChadi, Adrian
2011 Pareto-optimality in linear public goods gamesHokamp, Sascha / Pickhardt, Michael
2011 The relationship between homeownership and life satisfaction in GermanyZumbro, Timo
2011 Employed but still unhappy? On the relevance of the social work normChadi, Adrian
2011 Pareto meets Olson: A note on Pareto-optimality and group size in linear public goods gamesPickhardt, Michael
2011 The advent of corporate limited liability in Prussia 1843Ilgmann, Cordelius
2011 A more efficient procurement mechanism for reserver capacity in the German market for balancing powerFlinkerbusch, Kai
2011 Negative nominal interest rates: History and current proposalsIlgmann, Cordelius / Menner, Martin
2011 Walter Eucken`s principles of economic policy todayvan Suntum, Ulrich / Böhm, Tobias / Oelgemöller, Jens / Ilgmann, Cordelius
2011 The usefulness of a Happy Income IndexPrinz, Aloys / Bünger, Björn
2011 Silvio Gesell: 'a strange, unduly neglected' monetary theoristIlgmann, Cordelius
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