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DateTitle Authors
2015 Reducing CO2 from cars in the European Union: Emission standards or emission trading?Paltsev, Sergey / Chen, Y.-H. Henry / Karplus, Valerie / Kishimoto, Paul / Reilly, John / Loeschel, Andreas / von Graevenitz, Kathrine / Koesler, Simon
2015 Management compensation, monitoring and aggressive corporate tax planningSteinhoff, Melanie
2015 Die Rolle der Transportmittel für die Einkommenssegregation in deutschen StädtenHiller, Norbert
2015 Social implications of green growth policies from the perspective of energy sector reform and its impact on householdsHeindl, Peter / Löschel, Andreas
2015 Energy-saving and emission-abatement potential of Chinese coal-fired power enterprise: A non-parametric analysisWei, Chu / Löschel, Andreas / Liu, Bing
2015 Peeling the onion: Analyzing aggregate, national and sectoral energy intensity in the European UnionLöschel, Andreas / Pothen, Frank / Schymura, Michael
2015 Pro-environmental households and energy efficiency in SpainRamos, Ana / Labandeira, Xavier / Löschel, Andreas
2014 On the effects of unilateral environmental policy on offshoring in multi-stage production processesSchenker, Oliver / Koesler, Simon / Löschel, Andreas
2014 The long-term impact of matching and rebate subsidies when public goods are impure: Field experimental evidence from the carbon offsetting marketKesternich, Martin / Löschel, Andreas / Römer, Daniel
2014 Price disclosure rules and consumer price comparisonStühmeier, Torben
2014 Parallel currencies in historical perspectiveVon dem Berge, Lukas
2014 Improving voluntary public good provision by a non-governmental, endogenous matching mechanism: Experimental evidenceReif, Christiane / Rübbelke, Dirk / Löschel, Andreas
2014 The influence of different production functions on modeling resource extraction and economic growthVoosholz, Frauke
2014 The capitalization of non-market attributes into regional housing rents and wages: Evidence on German functional labor market areasHiller, Norbert / Lerbsy, Oliver
2014 The impact of low emission zones on particulate matter concentration and public healthMalina, Christiane / Fischer, Frauke
2014 A survey on modeling economic growth. With special interest on natural resource useVoosholz, Frauke
2014 Strategic choice of stock pollution: Why conservatives (appear to) turn greenVoß, Achim
2014 What's the damage? Environmental regulation with policy-motivated bureaucratsVoß, Achim / Lingens, Jörg
2014 Böhm-Bawerk meets Keynes: What does determine the interest rate, and can the latter become negative?van Suntum, Ulrich
2013 Inter-generational distribution of resources in a model of economic growth: Taking the land vs. food trade-off into accountVoosholz, Frauke
2013 A parallel currency proposal for the stronger Euro-statesvan Suntum, Ulrich
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