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DateTitle Authors
2006 The effects of entry on incumbent innovation and productivityAghion, Philippe / Blundell, Richard / Griffith, Rachel / Howitt, Peter / Prantl, Susanne
2007 The dynamics of research joint ventures: A panel data analysisDuso, Tomaso / Pennings, Enrico / Seldeslachts, Jo
2008 The impact of horizontal mergers on rivals: Gains to being left outside a mergerClougherty, Joseph A. / Duso, Tomaso
2008 Kreditvergabe durch Genossenschaftsbanken, Kreditbanken und Sparkassen: Eine empirische Analyse von Förderkrediten für junge, kleine UnternehmenPrantl, Susanne / Almus, Matthias / Egeln, Jürgen / Engel, Dirk
2008 On the stability of research joint ventures: Implications for collusionSeldeslachts, Jo / Duso, Tomaso / Pennings, Enrico
2008 Domestic rivalry and export performance: Theory and evidence from international airline marketsClougherty, Joseph A. / Zhang, Anming
2008 Diderot´s ruleBeck, Jonathan
2009 How to measure the deterrence effects of merger policy: Frequency or composition?Barros, Pedro P. / Clougherty, Joseph A. / Seldeslachts, Jo
2009 The decision to migrate: A simultaneous decision making approachMahmood, Talat / Schömann, Klaus
2009 Deterrence in competition lawBuccirossi, Paolo / Ciari, Lorenzo / Duso, Tomaso / Spagnolo, Giancarlo / Vitale, Cristiana
2009 Measuring the deterrence properties of competition policy: The competition policy indexesBuccirossi, Paolo / Ciari, Lorenzo / Duso, Tomaso / Spagnolo, Giancarlo / Vitale, Cristiana
2009 Competition policy trends and economic growth: Cross-national empirical evidenceClougherty, Joseph A.
2009 Competition policy and productivity growth: An empirical assessmentBuccirossi, Paolo / Ciari, Lorenzo / Duso, Tomaso / Spagnolo, Giancarlo / Vitale, Cristiana
2010 Using rival effects to identify synergies and improve merger typologiesClougherty, Joseph A. / Duso, Tomaso
2010 An empirical assessment of the 2004 EU merger policy reformDuso, Tomaso / Gugler, Klaus / Szücs, Florian