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DateTitle Authors
1996 Small business mortality in Germany: a comparison between regions and sectorsBrüderl, Josef / Mahmood, Talat
1996 The impact of research joint ventures on firm performance: an empirical assessmentSiebert, Ralph
1996 Die Überlegenheit der japanischen Unternehmen im globalen WettbewerbAlbach, Horst / Moerke, Andreas
1996 Überlebenschancen neugegründeter Berliner Betriebe: Eine Auswertung der Gewerbean- und -abmeldungen der Industrie- und Handelskammerdaten für den Zeitraum 1981-1990Mahmood, Talat
1997 Risk sharing in the supplier relationship: new evidence from the Japanese automotive industryOkamuro, Hiroyuki
1997 R&D activities and technical information flow in Japanese electronic corporationsGörtzen, Ulrike
1997 The link between interest rates on interbank money and for credit lines: are asymmetric interest rate adjustments empirically evident?Korndörfer, Petra
1997 Industry ownership of banks and credit market competitionTröge, Michael
1997 Learning by doing, spillover and shakeout in monoplastic competitionAlbach, Horst / Jin, Jim Y.
1997 Incentives and welfare effect of sharing firm-specific informationJin, Jim Y.
1997 Does governance matter? Performance and corporate governance structures of Japanese keiretsu groupsMoerke, Andreas
1997 Risikokapital in DeutschlandAlbach, Horst / Köster, Dieter
1997 Employee-transfer as an instrument of information-transfer through vertical relations?Zobel, Rita
1997 Are there financing constraints for R&D and investment in German manufacturing firms?Harhoff, Dietmar
1997 New directions in Japanese bank-firm-relationships: does a relationship matter for corporate performance?Miarka, Tobias / Yang, Jianping
1997 Interdivisional information sharing: the strategic advantage of knowing nothingNeubauer, Silke
1997 Gutenberg und die Zukunft der BetriebswirtschaftslehreAlbach, Horst
1997 Exploring the tail of patented invention value distributionsHarhoff, Dietmar
1997 Localized competition, multimarket operation and collusive behaviorVerboven, Frank
1997 Wirtschaftspolitische und technologiepolitische Folgen der GlobalisierungAlbach, Horst
1997 Import-competition, market power and productivity changeTraca, Daniel A.
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