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DateTitle Authors
1996 Small business mortality in Germany: a comparison between regions and sectorsBrüderl, Josef / Mahmood, Talat
1996 The impact of research joint ventures on firm performance: an empirical assessmentSiebert, Ralph
1996 Die Überlegenheit der japanischen Unternehmen im globalen WettbewerbAlbach, Horst / Moerke, Andreas
1996 Überlebenschancen neugegründeter Berliner Betriebe: Eine Auswertung der Gewerbean- und -abmeldungen der Industrie- und Handelskammerdaten für den Zeitraum 1981-1990Mahmood, Talat
1997 Risk sharing in the supplier relationship: new evidence from the Japanese automotive industryOkamuro, Hiroyuki
1997 R&D activities and technical information flow in Japanese electronic corporationsGörtzen, Ulrike
1997 The link between interest rates on interbank money and for credit lines: are asymmetric interest rate adjustments empirically evident?Korndörfer, Petra
1997 Industry ownership of banks and credit market competitionTröge, Michael
1997 Learning by doing, spillover and shakeout in monoplastic competitionAlbach, Horst / Jin, Jim Y.
1997 Incentives and welfare effect of sharing firm-specific informationJin, Jim Y.
1997 Does governance matter? Performance and corporate governance structures of Japanese keiretsu groupsMoerke, Andreas
1997 Risikokapital in DeutschlandAlbach, Horst / Köster, Dieter
1997 Employee-transfer as an instrument of information-transfer through vertical relations?Zobel, Rita
1997 Are there financing constraints for R&D and investment in German manufacturing firms?Harhoff, Dietmar
1997 New directions in Japanese bank-firm-relationships: does a relationship matter for corporate performance?Miarka, Tobias / Yang, Jianping
1997 Interdivisional information sharing: the strategic advantage of knowing nothingNeubauer, Silke
1997 Gutenberg und die Zukunft der BetriebswirtschaftslehreAlbach, Horst
1997 Exploring the tail of patented invention value distributionsHarhoff, Dietmar / Scherer, Frederic M. / Vopel, Katrin
1997 Localized competition, multimarket operation and collusive behaviorVerboven, Frank
1997 Wirtschaftspolitische und technologiepolitische Folgen der GlobalisierungAlbach, Horst
1997 Import-competition, market power and productivity changeTraca, Daniel A.
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