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DateTitle Authors
2008 The alliance formation puzzle and capacity constraintsKonrad, Kai A. / Kovenock, Dan
2008 Strategic information acquisition and the mitigation of global warmingMorath, Florian
2008 Love and taxes - and matching institutionsKonrad, Kai A. / Lommerud, Kjell Erik
2008 Exploring sources of local government technical inefficiency: evidence from Flemish municipalitiesGeys, Benny / Moesen, Wim
2008 Party cues and yardstick votingGeys, Benny / Vermeir, Jan
2008 Local governments in the wake of demographic change: evidence from German municipalitiesGeys, Benny / Heinemann, Friedrich / Kalb, Alexander
2007 The impact of central places on spatial spending patterns: evidence from Flemish local government cultural expendituresWerck, Kristien / Heyndels, Bruno / Geys, Benny
2007 How to make head or tail of bridging and bonding? Adressing the methodological ambiguityGeys, Benny
2007 Strategy in contests: an introductionKonrad, Kai A.
2007 Taxation and presidential approval: separate effects from tax burden and tax structure turbulenceGeys, Benny / Vermeir, Jan
2007 The political economy of the German Länder deficitsJochimsen, Beate / Nuscheler, Robert
2007 Political fragmentation and projected tax revenues: evidence from Flemish municipalitiesGoeminne, Stijn / Geys, Benny / Smolders, Carine
2007 Measuring the bridging nature of voluntary organizations: a note on the importance of association sizeCoffé, Hilde / Geys, Benny
2006 Looking across borders: a test of spatial policy interdependence using local government efficiency ratingsGeys, Benny
2006 Towards an empirical characterization of bridging and bonding social capitalCoffé, Hilde / Geys, Benny
2006 Pork-barrel politics, discriminatory policies and fiscal federalismRoberson, Brian
2006 Can deunionization lead to international outsourcing?Lommerud, Kjell Erik / Meland, Frode / Straume, Odd Rune
2006 Contests with investmentMünster, Johannes
2006 Disentangling the effects of political fragmentation on voter turnout: the Flemish municipal electionsGeys, Benny / Heyndels, Bruno
2006 Mommy tracks and public policy: on self-fulfilling prophecies and gender gaps in promotionLommerud, Kjell Erik / Vagstad, Steinar
2006 Selection tournaments, sabotage, and participationMünster, Johannes
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