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DateTitle Authors
2003 Easy targets and the timing of conflictBester, Helmut / Konrad, Kai A.
2003 Monopoly pricing with negative network effects: the case of vaccinesKessing, Sebastian / Nuscheler, Robert
2003 Restraining the genuine homo economicus: why the economy cannot be divorced from its governanceSkaperdas, Stergios
2003 Globalisation and union opposition to technological changeLommerud, Kjell Erik / Meland, Frode / Straume, Odd Rune
2004 Modelling realized variance when returns are serially correlatedOomen, Roel C. A.
2004 Citizenship laws and international migration in historical perspectiveBertocchi, Graziella / Strozzi, Chiara
2004 Can fear cause economic collapse? Insights from an experimental studyGuarino, Antonio / Huck, Steffen / Jeitschko, Thomas D.
2005 Electoral poaching and party identificationKovenock, Dan / Roberson, Brian
2005 Lobbying contests with endogenous policy proposalsMünster, Johannes
2005 Union strategy and optimal income taxationKessing, Sebastian G. / Konrad, Kai A.
2005 Succession rules and leadership rentsKonrad, Kai Andreas / Skaperdas, Stergios
2005 Education, redistributive taxation and confidenceKonrad, Kai Andreas / Spadaro, Amedeo
2005 Equilibrium and efficiency in the tug-of-warKonrad, Kai Andreas / Kovenock, Daniel J.
2005 Simultaneous inter- and intra-group conflictsMünster, Johannes
2005 Federal tax autonomy and the limits of cooperationKessing, Sebastian G. / Konrad, Kai A. / Kotsogiannis, Christos
2005 Silent interests and all-pay auctionsKonrad, Kai Andreas
2006 Contests with multi-taskingClark, Derek / Konrad, Kai A.
2006 Tax progression under collective wage bargaining and individual effort determinationKoskela, Erkki / Schöb, Ronnie
2006 Cross border mergers and strategic trade policy with two-part taxation: is international policy coordination beneficial?Lommerud, Kjell Erik / Olsen, Trond E. / Straume, Odd Rune
2006 Government weakness and electoral cycles in local public debt: evidence from Flemish municipalitiesGeys, Benny
2006 Selection tournaments, sabotage, and participationMünster, Johannes
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