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DateTitle Authors
2001 Geography of the familyKonrad, Kai A. / Künemund, Harald / Lommerud, Kjell Erik / Robledo, Julio R.
2001 Merger profitability and trade policyHuck, Steffen / Konrad, Kai A.
2001 Information in conflictsWärneryd, Karl
2001 Corporate governance, capital market discipline and the returns on investmentGugler, Klaus / Mueller, Dennis C. / Yurtoglu, B. Burcin
2001 Fiscal federalism and risk sharing in Germany: the role of size differencesKonrad, Kai A. / Seitz, Helmut
2001 Rent, risk, and replication: preference adaptation in winner-take-all marketsWärneryd, Karl
2001 Globalization and human capital formationAndersson, Frederik / Konrad, Kai A.
2001 Merger and collusion in contestsHuck, Steffen / Konrad, Kai A. / Müller, Wieland
2001 Investment in the absence of property rights: the role of incumbency advantagesKonrad, Kai A.
2001 The effects of mergers: an international comparisonGugler, Klaus / Mueller, Dennis C. / Yurtoglu, B. Burcin / Zulehner, Christine
2002 Terrorism and the stateKonrad, Kai A.
2002 Physician reimbursement, time-consistency and the quality of careNuscheler, Robert
2002 Altruism and envy in contests: an evolutionarily stable symbiosisKonrad, Kai A.
2002 Human capital investment and globalization in extortionary statesAndersson, Fredrik / Konrad, Kai A.
2002 Quality and location choices under price regulationBrekke, Kurt R. / Nuscheler, Robert / Straume, Odd Rune
2002 Inverse campaigningKonrad, Kai A.
2002 On the profitability of collusion in location gamesHuck, Steffen / Knoblauch, Vicki / Müller, Wieland
2002 Incomplete risk adjustment and adverse selection in the German public health insurance systemKnaus, Thomas / Nuscheler, Robert
2002 Taxation and education investment in the tertiary sectorAndersson, Fredrik / Konrad, Kai A.
2002 Delegation versus authorityKrähmer, Daniel
2002 Delay in contestsBester, Helmut / Konrad, Kai A.
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