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DateTitle Authors
2003 Product market competition and lobbying coordination in the US mobile telecommunications industryJung, Astrid / Duso, Tomaso
2003 The introduction of new product qualities by incumbent firms: market proliferation versus cannibalizationSiebert, Ralph
2003 Assessing the migration decision of Indian IT-graduates: an empirical analysisMahmood, Talat / Schömann, Klaus
2003 Credible vertical preemptionSiebert, Ralph
2003 Buyer power and supplier incentivesInderst, Roman / Wey, Christian
2003 Industry trade balance and domestic merger policy: some empirical evidence from the USClougherty, Joseph A.
2003 Buyers' alliances for bargaining powerChae, Suchan / Heidhues, Paul
2003 Are we better off if our politicians know how the economy works?Lagerlöf, Johan
2003 Are product innovation and flexible technology complements?Jung, Astrid
2003 Estimating markups under nonlinear pricing competitionMiravete, Eugenio J. / Röller, Lars-Hendrik
2002 The effects of disclosure regulation on innovative firms: private valuesJansen, Jos
2002 Market power in outputs and inputs: an empirical application to bankingAdams, Robert M. / Röller, Lars-Hendrik / Sickles, Robin C.
2002 The effects of disclosure regulation on innovative firms: common valuesJansen, Jos
2002 Modeling oligopolistic price adjustment in micro level panel dataBracht, Jürgen / Lach, Saul / Winter, Eyal
2002 Merger control in the new economyRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Wey, Christian
2002 Market conduct and endogenous lobbying: evidence from the U.S. mobile telecommunications industryDuso, Tomaso / Jung, Astrid
2002 Be nice, unless it pays to fight: a new theory of price determination with implications for competition policyBoone, Jan
2002 On the effectiveness of anti-predation rulesNitsche, Rainer
2002 On the desirability of an efficiency defense in merger controlLagerlöf, Johan / Heidhues, Paul
2002 Identification of network externalities in markets for non-durablesGrajek, Michal
2002 Provision of social goods and soft budget constraintsRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Zhang, Zhentang
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