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DateTitle Authors
1996 Telecommunications infrastructure and economic development: a simultaneous approachRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Waverman, Leonard
1996 State aid, industrial restructuring and privatization in the new German Länder: competition policy with case studies of the shipbuilding and synthetic fibres industriesRöller, Lars-Hendrik / von Hirschhausen, Christian
1997 Citation frequency and the value of patented innovationHarhoff, Dietmar / Narin, Francis / Scherer, Frederic M. / Vopel, Katrinl
1997 Die deutsche Industriestruktur im internationalen VergleichMatraves, Catherine
1997 Union power and product market competition: evidence from the airline industryNeven, Damien J. / Röller, Lars-Hendrik / Zhang, Zhentang
1997 Why firms form research joint ventures: theory and evidenceRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Tombak, Mihkel M. / Siebert, Ralph
1997 Capacity and product market competition: measuring market power in a puppy dog industryRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Sickles, Robin Christopher
1997 Long run properties of technical efficiency in the US airline industryAlam, Ila M. Semenick / Sickles, Robin C.
1997 The impact of road infrastructure on productivity and growth: some preliminary results for the German manufacturing sectorStephan, Andreas
1997 Zur Analyse von Gründungen und Schließungen auf Grundlage der BeschäftigtenstatistikBellmann, Lutz / Harhoff, Dietmar / Schulz, Norbert
1997 Economic incentives and international tradeMarin, Dalia
1997 Consolidations and the sequence of acquisitions to monopolyLehto, Petri / Tombak, Mihkel M.
1997 Corporate governance and firm strategy in the pharmaceutical industryCasper, Steven / Matraves, Catherine
1998 Lending relationships in Germany: empirical results from survey dataHarhoff, Dietmar
1998 Econometric analysis of cattle auctionsZulehner, Christine
1998 Learning in sender-receiver gamesBlume, Andreas / DeJong, Douglas V. / Neumann, George R. / Savin, Nathan E.
1998 Location costs, product quality, and implicit franchise contractsHaucap, Justus / Wey, Christian / Barmbold, Jens
1998 Project monitoring and banking competition under adverse selectionKanniainen, Vesa
1998 The incentives to form research joint ventures: theory and evidenceRöller, Lars-Hendrik / Tombak, Mihkel M. / Siebert, Ralph
1998 The stability of information cascades: how herd behavior breaks downMewis, Hans
1998 Market structure, R&D and advertising in the pharmaceutical industryMatraves, Catherine
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