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DateTitle Authors
2002 Science in formerly socialist countries: Asset or liability within new societal conditions?Meske, Werner
2000 Vietnam's research and development system in the 1990s: Structural and functional change. Research report
1999 Where do the actants, mangles come from?Gläser, Jochen / Laudel, Grit
1999 Theoriegeleitete Textanalyse? Das Potential einer variablenorientierten qualitativen InhaltsanalyseGläser, Jochen / Laudel, Grit
1998 Kognitive Neuorientierung der ostdeutschen außeruniversitären Grundlagenforschung als Folge des InstitutionentransfersGläser, Jochen
1998 What are institutional boundaries and how can they be overcome? Germany's collaborative research centres as boundary-spanning networksLaudel, Grit / Gläser, Jochen
1998 Institutional transformation of S&T systems in the European economies in transition: Comparative analysisMeske, Werner