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DateTitle Authors
2009 Scope, strategy and structure: The dynamic of knowledge networks in medicineConsoli, Davide / Ramlogan, Ronnie
2009 Managers' private information, investor underreaction and long-run SEO underperformanceBilinski, Pawel / Strong, Norman
2009 Mapping the tacit component: Getting away from knowledge conversionJones, Barbara / Miller, Bob
2009 Institutional entrepreneurship in constructing alternative paths: A comparison of biotech hybridsDivito de Paauw, Lori
2009 Portfolio and consumption decisions under ambiguity for regime switching mean returnsLiu, Hening
2009 A simple model of trading and pricing risky assets under ambiguity: Any lessons for policy-makers?Guidolin, Massimo / Rinaldi, Francesca
2009 Conceptual foundations of innovation systemsBateira, Jorge
2009 Self-renewal capacity and economic growthSaarivirta, Toni
2009 What drives stochastic risk aversionCho, Sungjun
2009 Demand policies for innovationEdler, Jakob
2009 Gate-sharing and talent distribution in the English football leagueRobinson, Terry / Simmons, Robert
2009 Robust consumption decisions under ambiguity for regime switching mean returnsLiu, Hening
2009 Changing competition models in market economies: The effects of internationalisation, technological innovations and academic expansion on the conditions supporting dominant economic logicsWhitley, Richard
2009 Science, standards and infrastructure provision through the PFI: A case study of the national physical laboratoryBoden, Rebecca / Cox, Deborah
2009 Understanding the innovation impacts of public procurementUyarra, Elvira / Flanagan, Kieron
2009 An empirical analysis of zero-leverage and ultra-low leverage firms: Some UK evidenceDang, Viet
2009 Innovation patterns under the magnifying glass: Firm-level latent class analysis of innovation activities in servicesTrigo, Alexandre
2009 Opening the black box: Adoption of innovations in voluntary organisationsNugroho, Yanuar
2010 Investigating sources of unanticipated exposure in industry stock returnsBredin, Don / Hyde, Stuart
2010 Does the macroeconomy predict UK asset returns in an nonlinear fashion? Comprehensive out-of-sample evidenceGuidolin, Massimo / Hyde, Stuart / McMillan, David / Ono, Sadayuki
2010 Multi-asset portfolio optimisation using a belief rule-based systemChen, Yu-wang / Yang, Jian-bo / Xu, Dong-ling / Zhang, Dongxu / Acomb, Simon / Poon, Ser-huang
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