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DateTitle Authors
2011 Implementation of risk management framework in supply chain: A tale from a biofuel company in IndonesiaAnggara, Rachmat Affriadi
2011 The limits of information? A game theoretic contribution to understanding the development of an indicators policy for the UK construction industryRigby, John / Dewick, Paul / Courtney, Roger / Gee, Sally
2011 Sustainable innovation through public procurement: The case of 'closed loop' recyled paperYeow, Jillian / Uyarra, Elvira / Gee, Sally
2011 Systematic grant and funding body acknowledgement data for publications: An examination of new dimensions and new controversies for bibliometricsRigby, John
2011 The innofusion of electronic banking in IndonesiaIman, Nofie
2010 Pluriactivity, entrepreneurship and socio-economic success of rural householdsDe Silva, Ranmuthumalie / Kodithuwakku, Sarath S.
2010 International policy coordination for collaboration in S&TEdler, Jakob
2010 Business start-up and growth motives of entrepreneurs: A case in Bradford, United KingdomDe Silva, L. Ranmuthumalie
2010 Actuarial transform pricingRuban, Oleg / Vitiello, Luiz / Poon, Ser-Huang
2010 Supporter influence on club governance in a sports league: A utility maximization modelMadden, Paul / Robinson, Terry
2010 Distributed innovation processes (DIPs) and the dynamics of knowledge tradabilityGee, Sally
2010 Outsourcing and offshoring of business services: Challenges to theory, management and geography of innovationMassini, Silvia / Miozzo, Marcela
2010 Sustainability practices in global IT outsourcingBabin, Rob / Nicholson, Brian
2010 A yield spread perspective on the great financial crisis: Break-point test evidenceGuidolin, Massimo / Tam, Yu Man
2010 Rethinking strategy and implementation of knowledge management from innovation perspective: A lesson learned from a multinational subsidiary in IndonesiaAmalia, Mirta / Nugroho, Yanuar
2010 Can VAR models capture regime shifts in asset returns? A long-horizon strategic asset allocation perspectiveGuidolin, Massimo / Hyde, Stuart
2010 The governance of knowledge in Academic Spin-offsRizzo, Ugo
2010 The 'policy mix' for innovation: Rethinking innovation policy in a multi-level, multi-actor contextFlanagan, Kieron / Uyarra, Elvira / Larangja, Manuel
2010 Determinants of corporate exchange rate exposure and implications for investors: Evidence from Chilean firmsHansen, Erwin / Hyde, Stuart
2010 Regime shifts in mean-variance efficient frontiers: Some international evidenceGuidolin, Massimo / Ria, Federica
2010 Multi-asset portfolio optimisation using a belief rule-based systemChen, Yu-wang / Yang, Jian-bo / Xu, Dong-ling / Zhang, Dongxu / Acomb, Simon / Poon, Ser-huang
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