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DateTitle Authors
2013 Is the 'Great Recession' really so different from the past?Chiu, Adrian / Wieladek, Tomasz
2013 Fiscal multipliers and time preferenceMarcheggiano, Gilberto / Miles, David
2012 Estimation of short dynamic panels in the presence of cross-sectional dependence and dynamic heterogeneityGilhooly, Robert / Weale, Martin / Wieladek, Tomasz
2012 Disaggregating the international business cycleGilhooly, Robert / Weale, Martin / Wieladek, Tomasz
2012 Did output gap measurement improve over time?Chiu, Adrian / Wieladek, Tomasz
2012 Demographics, house prices and mortgage designMiles, David
2011 How flexible can inflation targeting be and still work?Kuttner, Kenneth N. / Posen, Adam S.
2011 Banking crises and recessions: What can leading indicators tell us?Corder, Matthew / Weale, Martin
2011 Financial protectionism: The first testsRose, Andrew K. / Wieladek, Tomasz
2011 Optimal bank capitalMiles, David / Yang, Jing / Marcheggiano, Gilberto
2010 Macroeconomic stability and the real interest rate: A cross-country analysisGroth, Charlotta / Zampolli, Fabrizio
2010 Risk heterogeneity and credit supply: Evidence from the mortgage marketBesley, Timothy / Meads, Neil / Surico, Paolo
2009 International comovements, business cycle and inflation: A historical perspectiveMumtaz, Haroon / Simonelli, Saverio / Surico, Paolo
2009 The global credit boom: Challenges for macroeconomics and policyHume, Michael / Sentance, Andrew
2008 Time-Varying Yield Curve Dynamics and Monetary PolicyMumtaz, Haroon / Surico, Paolo
2008 The behaviour of the MPC: Gradualism, inaction and individual voting patternsGroth, Charlotta / Wheeler, Tracy
2008 Has trade with China affected UK inflation?Wheeler, Tracy
2008 Monetary policies and low-frequency manifestations of the quantity theorySargent, Thomas J. / Surico, Paolo
2008 Household external finance and consumptionBesley, Timothy / Meads, Neil / Surico, Paolo
2008 The causal relationship between inflation and inflation expectations in the United KingdomKelly, Roger
2007 Monetary Policy and Data Uncertainty: A Case Study of Distribution, Hotels and Catering GrowthMahadeva, Lavan
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