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DateTitle Authors
2009 Social norms and naïve beliefsPatel, Amrish / Cartwright, Edward
2009 Health systems, inequality and incentives to innovateAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María D. C.
2009 R&D spillovers, concentration and market performanceStepanova, Anna
2009 Circular migration or permanent return: What determines different forms of migration?Vadean, Florin P. / Piracha, Matloob
2009 Sources of current account fluctuations in industrialized countriesKaradimitropoulou, Aikaterini / León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2009 Leadership in a weak-link gameGillet, Joris / Cartwright, Edward / Van Vugt, Mark
2009 Weak IPR and imitation in the south and international exhaustion of patent rights in the north for innovated drugs: A policy gameAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María del Carmen
2009 Tax policy for economic recovery and growthHeady, Christopher / Johansson, Åsa / Arnold, Jens / Brys, Bert / Vartia, Laura
2009 Prioritising biosecurity investment between protecting agricultural and environmental systemsCook, David C. / Fraser, Rob W. / Waage, Jeffrey K. / Thomas, Matthew B.
2009 Does category reporting increase donations to charity? A signalling game approachCartwright, Edward / Patel, Amrish
2009 Endogenous leadership in a coordination game with conflict of interest and asymmetric informationCartwright, Edward / Gillet, Joris / Van Vugt, Mark
2009 Job insecurity, employability, unemployment and well-beingGreen, Francis
2009 Credit supply and output volatilityCantore, Cristiano / Satchi, Mathan
2008 Testing for granger (non-) causality in a time varying coefficient VAR modelChristopoulos, Dimitris K. / León-Ledesma, Miguel
2008 Overqualification, job dissatisfaction, and increasing dispersion in the returns to graduate educationGreen, Francis / Zhu, Yu
2008 Exchange rate pass-through into inflation: The role of asymmetries and non-linearitiesNogueira Júnior, Reginaldo P. / León-Ledesma, Miguel
2008 Inventory cyclesShibayama, Katsuyuki
2008 Productivity, preferences and UIP deviations in an open economy business cycle modelBhattacharjee, Arnab / Chadha, Jagjit S. / Sun, Qi
2008 Public goods, social norms and naive beliefsCartwright, Edward / Patel, Amrish
2008 Child support and educational outcomes: Evidence from the British household panel surveyWalker, Ian / Zhu, Yu
2008 Money, prices and liquidity effects: Separating demand from supplyChadha, Jagjit S. / Corrado, Luisa / Sun, Qi
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