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DateTitle Authors
2009 Social norms and naïve beliefsPatel, Amrish / Cartwright, Edward
2009 Subsistence and semi-subsistence farming in selected EU new member statesDavidova, Sophia / Fredriksson, Lena / Bailey, Alastair
2009 Efficiency and frontier technology in the aftermath of recessions: International evidenceChristopoulos, Dimitris / León-Ledesma, Miguel
2009 Has trade liberalisation in poor countries delivered the promises expected?Pacheco-López, Penélope / Thirlwall, A. P.
2009 On causal relationships between exchange rates and fundamentals: Better than you thinkChristopoulos, Dimitris / León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2009 Where did all the remittances go? Understanding the impact of remittances on consumption patterns in rural ChinaZhu, Yu / Wu, Zhongmin / Peng, Liquan / Sheng, Laiyun
2009 Do migrants really save more? Understanding the impact of remittances on savings in rural ChinaZhu, Yu / Wu, Zhongmin / Wang, Meiyan / Du, Yang / Cai, Fang
2009 Employee involvement, technology and job tasksGreen, Francis
2009 A general treatment of non-response data from choice experiments using logit modelsBalcombe, Kelvin / Fraser, Iain
2009 Estimating WTP with uncertainty choice contingent valuationBalcombe, Kelvin / Samuel, Aurelia / Fraser, Iain
2009 Return migration and occupational choicePiracha, Matloob / Vadean, Florin
2009 The causal effect of teen motherhood on worklessnessWalker, Ian / Zhu, Yu
2009 Traffic lights and food choice: A choice experiment examining the relationship between nutritional food labels and priceBalcombe, Kelvin / Fraser, Iain / di Falco, Salvatore
2010 International business cycle accountingOtsu, Keisuke
2010 Policy rules under the monetary and the fiscal theories of the price-levelChadha, Jagjit S.
2010 The double dividend hypothesis in a CGE model: Specific factors and variable labour supplyFraser, Iain / Waschik, Robert
2010 Does the endowment of contributors make a difference in threshold public games?Alberti, Federica / Cartwright, Edward
2010 Income based price subsidies and parallel importsAcharyya, Rajat / García-Alonso, María D. C.
2010 A note on balanced growth with a less than unitary elasticity of substitutionLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A. / Satchi, Mathan
2010 Inventories in dynamic general equilibriumShibayama, Katsuyuki
2010 The financial crisis: What have macroeconomists learnt?Chadha, Jagjit S.
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