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DateTitle Authors
2011 Family background, gender and cohort effects on schooling decisionsValbuena, Javier
2011 Organizational dynamics and aggregate fluctuations: The role of financial relationshipsOtsu, Keisuke / Saito, Masashi
2011 The choice of CES production techniques and balanced growthLeón-Ledesma, Miguel A. / Satchi, Mathan
2011 Ignorance is bliss: Rationality, information and equilibriumBarde, Sylvain
2011 Non-conventional monetary policies: QE and the DSGE literatureCaglar, Evren / Chadha, Jagjit S. / Meaning, Jack / Warren, James / Waters, Alex
2011 A general equilibrium model of environmental option valuesShibayama, Katsuyuki / Fraser, Iain
2011 Immigrant over- and under-education: The role of home country labour market experiencePiracha, Matloob / Tani, Massimiliano / Vadean, Florin
2011 What determines post-compulsory educational choice? Evidence from the longitudinal survey of young people in EnglandCollier, William / Valbuena, Javier / Zhu, Yu
2011 The global impact of Chinese growthFujiwara, Ippei / Otsu, Keisuke / Saito, Masashi
2011 New instruments of monetary policyChadha, Jagjit S. / Holly, Sean
2011 Motivations for remittances: Evidence from MoldovaPiracha, Matloob / Saraogi, Amrita
2011 Balance of paymentsconstrained growth models: History and overviewThirlwall, A. P.
2011 Accounting for Japanese business cycles: A quest for labor wedgesOtsu, Keisuke
2011 Back to the future: A simple solution to Schelling segregationBarde, Sylvain
2011 Macro-prudential policy on liquidity: What does a DSGE model tell us?Chadha, Jagjit S. / Corrado, Luisa
2010 Is low inflation really causing the decline in exchange rate pass-through?Nogueira Júnior, Reginaldo P. / León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2010 Net foreign assets, productivity and real exchange rates in constrained economiesChristopoulos, Dimitris K. / Gente, Karine / León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2010 The endogeneity of the natural rate of growth for a selection of Asian countriesDray, Mark / Thirlwall, A. P.
2010 Transport pricing and public-private partnershipsEvenhuis, Emil / Vickerman, Roger
2010 Selection policy and immigrants' remittance behaviourMahuteau, Stephane / Piracha, Matloob / Tani, Massimiliano
2010 The financial crisis: What have macroeconomists learnt?Chadha, Jagjit S.
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