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DateTitle Authors
2002 Estimating and forecatsing production and orders in maufacturing industry from business survey data: Evidence from Switzerland based on structural patterns from 1990-2000Etter, Richard / Graff, Michael
2002 Innovation modes in the Swiss service sector: A cluster analysis based on firm-level dataHollenstein, Heinz
2002 Microeconometric approaches to the evaluation of RTD policies: A non-technical summary of the state of the artArvanitis, Spyros
2002 Methodology to correct the unit non-response bias in the case of the KOF ETH Survey 2000 on organization and information technologiesDonzé, Laurent
2002 Socio-economic factors and the finance-growth nexusGraff, Michael
2002 Matched-pair analysis based on business survey data to evaluate the policy of supporting the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies by Swiss firmsDonzé, Laurent
2002 Do response rates and responses differ between mail and internet answers in a mixed mode survey? A comparison of qualitative business survey data collected by regular mail and internet questionnairesEtter, Richard
2002 Patterns and determinants of international activities: are SMEs different?An empirical analysis based on firm-level data for the Swiss business sectorHollenstein, Heinz
2002 Explaining innovative activity in service industries: Micro data evidence for SwitzerlandArvanitis, Spyros
2002 Emerging patterns of R&D in the Swiss economyArvanitis, Spyros / Hollenstein, Heinz
2002 Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Theorie und PolitikSchips, Bernd
2002 The effectiveness of government promotion of advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT): An economic analysis based on Swiss micro dataArvanitis, Spyros / Hollenstein, Heinz / Lenz, Stephan
2002 Numerical or functional labour flexibility: What is at stake for the Swiss economy? ; [flexibility and competitiveness: labour market flexibility, innovation and organisational performance (flex-com) ; Swiss national report]Arvanitis, Spyros / Hollenstein, Heinz / Marmet, David
2002 The KOF macro model in a time series perspective: Part one: the Swiss production functionMüller, Christian
2002 Finanzielle Entwicklung und wirtschaftliches Wachstum: Eine Mehrwellen-PfadanalyseGraff, Michael
2002 Hochschulbildung und Wirtschaftswachstum: Neue empirische ErgebnisseGraff, Michael
2002 Determinants of the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT): An empirical analysis based on firm-level data for the Swiss business sectorHollenstein, Heinz
2003 Interpretation of cointegration coefficients: A paradox, a solution and empirical evidenceMüller, Christian
2003 Information technology, workplace organization, human capital and firm productivity: Evidence for the Swiss economyArvanitis, Spyros
2003 A challenge to the ECB's first pillar? The French experienceMüller, Christian
2003 What determines the finance-growth nexus? An endogenous growth model and empirical evidenceGraff, Michael / Karmann, Alexander
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