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DateTitle Authors
2010 Regulating knowledge monopolies: The case of the IPCCTol, Richard S. J.
2010 The distributional effects of value added tax in IrelandLeahy, Eimear / Lyons, Seán / Tol, Richard S. J.
2010 International migration in Ireland, 2009O'Connell, Philip J. / Joyce, Corona
2010 Designing a property tax without property values: Analysis in the case of IrelandMayor, Karen / Lyons, Seán / Tol, Richard S. J.
2010 Research and policy makingRuane, Frances
2010 Corporate expenditure on environmental protectionHaller, Stefanie A. / Murphy, Liam
2010 Explaining international differences in rates of overeducation in EuropeDavia, Maria A. / McGuinness, Seamus / O'Connell, Philip J.
2010 The effects of the internationalisation of firms on innovation and productivitySiedschlag, Iulia / Zhang, Xiaoheng / Cahill, Brian
2010 The economic crisis, public sector pay, and the income distributionCallan, Tim / Nolan, Brian / Walsh, John
2010 Public policy towards the sale of state assets in troubled times: Lessons from the Irish experienceGorecki, Paul K. / Lyons, Sean / Tol, Richard S. J.
2010 A cost-benefit analysis of the EU 20/20/2020 packageTol, Richard S. J.
2010 Civil war, climate change and development: A scenario study for Sub-Saharan AfricaDevitt, Conor / Tol, Richard S. J.
2010 The euro through the looking-glass: Perceived inflation following the 2002 currency changeoverLunn, Pete / Duffy, David
2010 An estimate of the value of lost load for IrelandLeahy, Eimear / Tol, Richard S. J.
2010 The research output of business schools and business scholars in IrelandTol, Richard S. J.
2010 From data to policy analysis: Tax-benefit modelling using SILC 2008Callan, Tim / Keane, Claire / Walsh, John R. / Lane, Marguerita
2010 Timing and determinants of local residential broadband adoption: Evidence from IrelandLyons, Seán
2010 Towards a better and sustainable health care system: Resource allocation and financing issues for IrelandRuane, Frances
2009 Mismatch in the graduate labour market among immigrants and second-generation ethnic minority groupsByrne, Delma / McGuinness, Seamus
2009 Did the celtic tiger decrease socio-economic differentials in perinatal mortality in Ireland?Layte, Richard / Clyne, Barbara
2009 Car Ownership and Mode of Transport to Work in IrelandCommins, Nicola / Nolan, Anne
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