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DateTitle Authors
2008 Marginal abatement costs of carbon-dioxide emissions: A meta-analysisKuik, Onno / Brander, Luke / Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 European climate policy and aviation emissionsMayor, Karen / Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Fuel poverty in Ireland : Extent, affected groups and policy issuesScott, Sue / Lyons, Seán / Keane, Claire / McCarthy, Donal / Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 The immigrant earnings disadvantage across the earnings and skills distributions: The case of immigrants from the EU's new member states in IrelandBarrett, Alan / McGuiness, Séamus / O'Brien, Martin
2008 The economic returns to field of study and competencies among higher education graduates in IrelandKelly, Elish / O'Connell, Philip / Smyth, Emer
2008 The distributional implications of a carbon tax in IrelandCallan, Tim / Lyons, Seán / Scott, Susan / Tol, Richard S. J. / Verde, Stefano
2008 Comparing poverty indicators in an enlarged EUWhelan, Christopher T. / Maître, Bertrand
2008 Benchmarking, social partnership and higher remuneration: Wage settling institutions and the public-private sector wage gap in IrelandKelly, Elish / McGuinness, Seamus / O'Connell, Philip
2008 Yuppie kvetch? Work-life conflict and social class in Western EuropeMcGinnity, Frances / Calvert, Emma
2008 Measuring material deprivation in the enlarged EUWhelan, Christopher T. / Nolan, Brian / Maître, Bertrand
2008 Non-cash benefits and the distribution of economic welfareCallan, Tim / Keane, Claire
2008 ICT diffusion, innovation systems, globalisation and regional economic dynamics: Theory and empirical evidenceKarlsson, Charlie / Maier, Gunther / Trippl, Michaela / Siedschlag, Iulia / Owen, Robert / Murphy, Gavin
2008 Scenarios of carbon dioxide emissions from aviationMayor, Karen / Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Managing capital flows: Experiences from Central and Eastern EuropeHagen, Jürgen von / Siedschlag, Iulia
2008 Metrics for aggregating the climate effect of different emissions: A unifying frameworkTol, Richard S. J. / Berntsen, Terje K. / O'Neill, Brian C. / Fuglestvedt, Jan S. / Shine, Keith P. / Balkanski, Yves / Makra, Laszlo
2008 A carbon tax for IrelandTol, Richard S. J. / Callan, Tim / Conefrey, Thomas / Gerald, John D. Fitz / Lyons, Seán / Malaguzzi Valeri, Laura / Scott, Susan
2008 Exploring the economic geography of IrelandMorgenroth, Edgar
2008 Europeanisation of inequality and European reference groupsWhelan, Christopher T. / Maître, Bertrand
2008 The misperception of inflation by Irish consumersDuffy, David / Lunn, Pete
2008 The climate preferences of Irish tourists by purpose of travelLyons, Seán / Mayor, Karen / Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Environmental accounts for the Republic of IrelandLyons, Sean / Mayor, Karen / Tol, Richard S. J.
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