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DateTitle Authors
2003 Energy policy in IrelandFitzGerald, John D.
2004 Generation adequacy in an Island electricity systemFitzGerald, John D.
2004 Living in Ireland survey: Technical report and codebook for data usersWatson, Dorothy
2004 Lessons from 20 years of cohesionFitzGerald, John D.
2004 Research needs of sustainable developmentScott, Sue
2004 ESCOs in Ireland: Investigation of energy service companies in 2000Scott, Sue
2004 Human capital, the labour market and productivity growth in IrelandBergin, Adele / Kearney, Ida
2004 Thestability and growth pact: How much co-ordination?FitzGerald, John D. / Bergin, Adele
2004 Economic boom and social mobility: The Irish experienceWhelan, Christopher T. / Layte, Richard
2004 An economy-wide perspective on earnings data in Ireland: Methodological issues and analysisCasey, Barra
2004 Ireland: An ageing multicultural economyFitzGerald, John D.
2005 The case for an EU-wide measure of povertyFahey, Tony
2005 An Integrated Micro-Macro (IMM) approach to the evaluation of large-scale public investment programmes: The case of EU structural fundsBradley, John / Mitze, Timo / Morgenroth, Edgar / Untiedt, Gerhard
2005 Market size, market structure & market power in the Irish electricity industryMcCarthy, Niamh
2005 Levels and patterns of material deprivation in Ireland: After the Celtic TigerWhelan, Christopher T. / Maître, Bertrand
2005 Rising house prices in an open labour marketDuffy, David / FitzGerald, John D. / Kearney, Ida
2005 Measuring material deprivation with EU-SILC: Lessons from the irish surveyWhelan, Christopher T. / Maître, Bertrand
2006 Comparing the labour market effects of childbirth in Ireland, Sweden, the UK and GermanyRussell, Helen / Halpin, Brendan / Strandh, Mattias / Zielfe, Andrea
2006 Regional growth cycle synchronisation with the Euro AreaTondl, Gabriele / Traistaru-Siedschlag, Iulia
2006 The impact of climate change on tourism in Germany, the UK and Ireland: A simulation studyHamilton, Jacqueline M. / Tol, Richard S. J.
2006 Macroeconomic differentials and adjustment in the euro areaTraistaru-Siedschlag, Iulia
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