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DateTitle Authors
2014 Changes in household fuel expenditure associated with improvements in building energy efficiencyCurtis, John / Pentecost, Anne
2014 Who feels inferior? A test of the status anxiety hypothesis of social inequalities in healthLayte, Richard / Whelan, Christopher T.
2014 Changes in income distributions and the role of tax-benefit policy during the great recession: An international perspectiveBargain, Olivier / Callan, Tim / Doorley, Karina / Keane, Claire
2014 Innovation and productivity in services: Evidence from Germany, Ireland and the United KingdomPeters, Bettina / Riley, Rebecca / Siedschlag, Iulia / Vahter, Priit / McQuinn, John
2014 A computational theory of willingness to exchangeLunn, Pete / Lunn, Mary
2014 Factor input substitution in Irish manufacturingHaller, Stefanie A. / Hyland, Marie
2014 What can I get for it? The relationship between the choice equivalent, willingness to accept and willingness to payLunn, Pete / Lunn, Mary
2013 The impact of parental income and education on the schooling of childrenChevalier, Arnaud / Harmon, Colm / O'Sullivan, Vincent / Walker, Ian
2013 The impact of the recession on the structure and labour market success of young NEET individuals in IrelandKelly, Elish / McGuinness, Seamus
2013 Are consumer decision-making phenomena a fourth market failure?Lunn, Pete
2013 Climate policy, interconnection and carbon leakage: The effect of unilateral UK policy on electricity and GHG emissions in IrelandCurtis, John / Di Cosmo, Valeria / Deane, Paul
2013 Income-related inequity in the use of GP services: A comparison of Ireland and ScotlandLayte, Richard / Nolan, Anne
2013 Globalisation and Ireland's export performanceRuane, Frances / Siedschlag, Iulia / Murphy, Gavin
2013 Deriving a method to estimate incidence of stroke in IrelandWren, Maev-Ann / Kelly, Peter
2013 Decomposing patterns of emission intensity in the EU and China: How much does trade matter?di Cosmo, Valeria / Hyland, Marie
2013 The effect of unemployment, arrears and negative equity on consumption: Ireland in 2009/10Gerlach-Kristen, Petra
2013 Socioeconomic inequalities in child health in IrelandLayte, Richard / Nolan, Anne
2013 Transitions in and out of unemployment among young people in the Irish RecessionKelly, Elish / McGuinness, Seamus / O'Connell, Philip / Haugh, David / González Pandiella, Alberto
2013 Consumption and credit constraints: A model and evidence for IrelandGerlach-Kristen, Petra / Merola, Rossana
2013 Does bank market power affect SME financing constraints?Ryan, Robert M. / O'Toole, Conor M. / McCann, Fergal
2013 The US and Ireland approach to sentencing in cartel cases: The Citroen caseGorecki, Paul K. / Maxwell, Sarah
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