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DateTitle Authors
2016 IPR protection and optimal entry modes of multinationalsBanerjee, Tanmoyee / Biswas, Nilanjana
2016 Measuring the instability of China's financial system: Indices construction and an early warning systemSun, Lixin / Huang, Yuqin
2016 A double-edged sword: High interest rates in capital control regimesGudmundsson, Gudmundur S. / Zoega, Gylfi
2016 What drives long-term oil market volatility? Fundamentals versus SpeculationYin, Libo / Zhou, Yimin
2016 A profit-maximization model for a company that sells an arbitrary number of productsCovei, Dragos-Patru / Gheorghe-Ivanescu, Ioan
2015 Distance and border effects in international trade: A comparison of estimation methodsMagerman, Glenn / Studnicka, Zuzanna / Van Hove, Jan
2015 Cost-reduction innovation under mixed economyNie, Pu-Yan / Yang, Yong-Cong
2015 Does the explanatory power of the OLI approach differ among sectors and business functions: Evidence from firm-level dataArvanitis, Spyros / Hollenstein, Heinz / Stucki, Tobias
2015 Strategic behavior between a bank and a microfinance institution: The role of psychological distance and education levelFall, François / Nguyen-Huu, Thanh Tam
2015 The coming breakthrough in risk researchJaeger, Carlo
2015 Exporting firm dynamics and productivity growth: Evidence from ChinaXiaobing, Huang / Xiaolian, Liu
2015 Issues in the estimation of dynamic happiness models: A Comment on "Does childhood predict adult life satisfaction?"Piper, Alan T. / Pugh, Geoffrey T.
2015 Institutions and investment in South and East Asia & Pacific region: Evidence from meta-analysisHawkes, Denise Donna / Yerrabati, Sridevi
2015 Types of banking institutions and economic growth: An endogenous growth modelElmawazini, Khaled / Khiyar, Khiyar Abdalla / Al Galfy, Ahmad / Aydilek, Asiye
2015 The order of knowledge and robust action: How to deal with economic uncertainty?Falkinger, Josef
2015 Is there publication selection bias in minimum wage research during the five-year period from 2010 to 2014?Giotis, Georgios / Chletsos, Michael
2015 Government deficits in large open economies: The problem of too little public debtBuiter, Willem H. / Sibert, Anne C.
2015 Testing for unit roots with cointegrated dataReed, W. Robert
2015 Male-female labor market participation and the extent of gender-based wage discrimination in TurkeyGünalp, Burak / Cilasun, Seyit Mümin / Acar, Elif Öznur
2015 On the efficiency of labor market reforms: How to solve the Spanish puzzle?Sacht, Stephen
2015 On merger profitability and the intensity of rivalryEscrihuela-Villar, Marc
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