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DateTitle Authors
2015 Taxation and fiscal expenditure in a growth model with endogenous fertilitySedgley, Norman / Elmslie, Bruce
2015 Regional estimates of multidimensional poverty in IndiaDehury, Bidyadhar / Mohanty, Sanjay K.
2015 Bias and methodological change in economic sanction reconsideredvan Bergeijk, Peter A. G. / Siddiquee, Muhammad Shahadat Hossain
2015 Imported inputs and Egyptian exports: Exploring the linksParra, María Dolores / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2015 On the size of sheepskin effects: A meta-analysisMora Rodríguez, Jhon James / Muro, Juan
2015 The role of lenders' trust in determining borrowing conditions for sovereign debt: An analysis of one-period government bonds with default riskGuo, Yanling
2015 The growth effects of R&D spending in the EU: A meta-analysisKokko, Ari / Tingvall, Patrik Gustavsson / Videnord, Josefin
2015 Bayesian averaging vs. dynamic factor models for forecasting economic aggregates with tendency survey dataBialowolski, Piotr / Kuszewski, Tomasz / Witkowski, Bartosz
2015 The export-productivity link for Brazilian manufacturing firmsCirera, Xavier / Lederman, Daniel / Máñez, Juan A. / Rochina, María E. / Sanchis, Juan A.
2015 Modelling bank asset quality and profitability: An empirical assessmentSwamy, Vighneswara
2015 Reducing severance costs or subsidizing permanent job creation: Which policy is more effective to reduce duality?Osuna, Victoria
2015 A microeconometric analysis of the springboard subsidiary: The case of Spanish firmsCaicedo Marulanda, Carolina / Mora Rodríguez, Jhon James / Barber, José Bla / Darder, Fidel León
2015 Multinational versus national firms on capital adjustment costs: A structural approachLapatinas, Athanasios
2015 FTA effects on agricultural trade with matching approachesLee, GaSeul / Lim, Song Soo
2015 Banking concentration and financial stability: Evidence from developed and developing countriesBen Ali, Mohamed Sami / Intissar, Timoumi / Zeitun, Rami
2015 Political risk guarantees and capital flows: The role of bilateral investment treatiesMina, Wasseem
2015 Credit constraints and the extensive margins of exports: First evidence for German manufacturingWagner, Joachim
2015 Does growth attract FDI?Iamsiraroj, Sasi / Doucouliagos, Hristos
2015 Costs of trade and self-selection into exporting and importing: The case of Turkish manufacturing firmsDalgic, Basak / Fazlioglu, Burcu / Gasiorek, Michael
2015 Exit from exporting: Does being a two-way trader matter?Díaz-Mora, Carmen / Córcoles, David / Gandoy, Rosario
2015 Youth and inexperience: Dynamic inconsistency among emerging adultsGibbons, Brian / Paxton, Julia
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