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DateTitle Authors
2014 Entrepreneurship, knowledge, and the industrial revolutionAttar, M. Aykut
2014 Bridging the gap between horizontal and vertical merger simulation: Modifications and extensions of PCAIDBush, C. Anthony
2014 Fairness and the disinflation puzzleLunardelli, Andre
2014 Sovereign credit ratings and the transnationalization of finance: Evidence from a gravity model of portfolio investmentKörner, Finn Marten / Trautwein, Hans-Michael
2014 Effect of distance on trade under slope heterogeneity and cross-correlated effectsLugovskyy, Oleksandr / Skiba, Alexandre
2014 Systematic fiscal policy and macroeconomic performance: A critical overview of the literatureReicher, Claire
2014 Islands in trade: Disentangling distance from border effectsGroizard, José Luis / Marques, Helena / Gallego Santana, Maria
2014 An estimation of worker and firm effects with censored dataGonzález de San Román, Ainara / Rebollo-Sanz, Yolanda F.
2014 Spurious middlemen in corrupt transactionsBayar, Güzin
2014 How might a central bank report uncertainty?Fair, Ray C.
2014 The simple analytics of Helicopter money: Why it works - alwaysBuiter, Willem H.
2014 The magic of storytelling: How curiosity and aesthetic preferences workBianchi, Marina
2014 Reduction of income inequality and subjective well-being in EuropeHajdu, Tamás / Hajdu, Gábor
2014 Where do new firms locate? The effects of agglomeration on the formation and scale of operations of new firms in PunjabHaroon, Maryiam / Chaudhry, Azam
2014 Size effect, neighbour effect and peripheral effect in cross-border tax gamesLiu, Xin
2014 Comparative analysis of regional development: Exploratory space-time data analysis and open source implementationYe, Xinyue / Yue, Wenze
2014 Capital account liberalization and exchange rate flexibility: Scenarios for the Moroccan caseEzzahid, Elhadj / Maouhoub, Brahim
2014 Fiscal decentralisation and its effects on the health sector in PakistanReayat, Nauman / Ahmad, Iftikhar / Khalil, Jehanzeb / Rahim, Tariq
2014 Regulating gasoline retail markets: The case of GermanyWittmann, Nadine
2014 The housing wealth effect on consumption reconsideredLindner, Fabian
2014 Distance, production, trade and growth: A noteMandal, Biswajit
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