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DateTitle Authors
2008 Identifying dynamic games with serially-correlated unobservablesHu, Yingyao / Shum, Matthew
2007 Dynamic time series binary choicede Jong, Robert M. / Woutersen, Tiemen
2007 Avoiding market dominance: Product compatibility in markets with network effectsChen, Jiawei / Doraszelski, Ulrich / Harrington (Jr.), Joseph E.
2007 Which nonlinearity in the Phillips curve? The absence of accelerating deflation in JapanDe Veirman, Emmanuel
2007 Estimating marginal treatment effects in heterogeneous populationsMoffitt, Robert
2007 Estimating first-price auctions with an unknown number of bidders: A misclassication approachHu, Yingyao / Shum, Matthew
2007 Identifying the returns to lying when the truth is unobservedHu, Yingyao / Lewbel, Arthur
2006 Modelling the birth and death of cartels with an application to evaluating antitrust policyHarrington (Jr.), Joseph E.
2006 How large is the housing wealth effect? A new approachCarroll, Christopher D. / Otsuka, Misuzu / Slacalek, Jirka
2006 Precautionary saving and precautionary wealthCarroll, Christopher D. / Kimball, Miles S.
2006 How do cartels operate?Harrington (Jr.), Joseph E.
2005 Innovators, imitators, and the evolving architecture of social networksChang, Myong-Hun / Harrington, Joseph E.
2005 Detecting cartelsHarrington, Joseph E.
2005 A new approach to modeling decision-making under uncertainty and defining subjective probabilitiesKarni, Edi
2005 The method of endogenous gridpoints for solving dynamic stochastic optimization problemsCarroll, Christopher D.
2005 The impact of the corporate leniency program on cartel formation and the cartel price pathChen, Joe / Harrington, Joseph E.
2005 Estimating a semi-parametric duration model without specifying heterogeneityHausman, Jerry A. / Woutersen, Tiemen M.
2005 Subjective expected utility theory without states of the worldKarni, Edi
2005 Do world shocks drive domestic business cycles? Some evidence from structural estimationLubik, Thomas / Teo, Wing Leong
2005 A Bayesian look at new open economyLubik, Thomas / Schorfheide, Frank
2005 Foundations of Bayesian theoryKarni, Edi
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