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DateTitle Authors
1999 Does banning affirmative action harm college student quality?Chan, Jimmy / Eyster, Erik
2000 On the non-existence of reputation effects in two-person infinitely-repeated gamesChan, Jimmy
2000 Limit distributions of equilibrium bids in common value auctionsHong, Han / Shum, Matthew
2000 The diffusion of innovations in social networksYoung, H. Peyton
2000 Organization of innovation in a multi-unit firm: Coordinating adaptive search on multiple rugged landscapesChang, Myong-hun / Harrington, Joseph E.
2000 Near-rationality and inflation in two monetary regimesBall, Laurence
2000 Input and output inventoriesHumphreys, Brad R. / Maccini, Louis J. / Schuh, Scott
2000 Solving consumption models with multiplicative habitsCarroll, Christopher D.
2000 Portfolios of the richCarroll, Christopher D.
2001 Habits, sentiment and predictable income in the dynamics of aggregate consumptionSommer, Martin
2001 Sutton on Marshall's tendenciesChrist, Carl F.
2001 Econometric models of asymmetric ascending auctionsHong, Han / Shum, Matthew
2001 Empirical likelihood-based model selection criteria for moment condition modelsHong, Han / Preston, Bruce / Shum, Matthew
2001 Increasing competition and the winner's curse: Evidence from procurementHong, Han / Shum, Matthew
2001 A semiparametric estimator for dynamic optimization models, with an application to a milk quota marketHong, Han / Shum, Matthew
2001 Durable-goods oligopoly with secondary markets: Theory and an empirical application to the automobile marketEsteban, Susanna / Shum, Matthew
2001 The Fed and the new economyBall, Laurence / Tchaidze, Robert R.
2001 The epidemiology of macroeconomic expectationsCarroll, Christopher D.
2001 Individual learning about consumptionAllen, Todd W. / Carroll, Christopher D.
2001 Optimal cartel pricing in the presence of an antitrust authorityHarrington, Joseph E.
2001 Sacrifice ratios with long-lived effectsZhang, Lawrence Huiyan
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