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DateTitle Authors
2010 Nonparametric learning rules from bandit experiments: The eyes have it!Hu, Yingyao / Kayaba, Yutaka / Shum, Matt
2010 Objective and subjective expected utility with incomplete preferencesGalaabaatar, Tsogbadral / Karni, Edi
2010 Merger enforcement in two-sided marketsJeziorski, Przemysław
2010 A simple estimator for dynamic models with serially correlated unobservablesHu, Yingyao / Shum, Matthew / Tan, Wei
2010 Tacit collusion in an infinitely repeated prisoners' dilemmaHarrington, Joseph E. / Zhao, Wei
2010 What makes them click: Empirical analysis of consumer demand for search advertisingJeziorski, Przemysław / Segal, Ilya
2009 On the conjunction fallacy in probability judgment: New experimental evidence regarding LindaCharness, Gary / Karni, Edi / Levin, Dan
2009 A mechanism for Thawing the credit marketsKarni, Edi
2009 Estimation of nonlinear models with mismeasured regressors using marginal informationHu, Yingyao / Ridder, Geert
2009 Nonparametric identifcation of auction models with non-separable unobserved heterogeneityHu, Yingyao / McAdams, David / Shum, Matthew
2009 A theory of Bayesian decision makingKarni, Edi
2009 Well-posedness of measurement error models for self-reported dataAn, Yonghong / Hu, Yingyao
2009 When does a self-serving antitrust authority act in society's best interests?Harrington, Joseph Emmett
2009 Private monitoring and communication in cartels: Explaining recent collusive practicesHarrington, Joseph Emmett / Skrzypacz, Andrzej
2008 International evidence on sticky consumption growthCarroll, Christopher D. / Slacalek, Jiri / Sommer, Martin
2008 Nonparametric identification of dynamic models with unobserved state variablesHu, Yingyao / Shum, Matthew
2008 Strategic voting over strategic proposalsBond, Philip / Eraslan, Hülya
2008 The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the cyclicality of marginal costMazumder, Sandeep
2008 The impact of a corporate leniency program on antitrust enforcement and cartelizationChang, Myong-Hun / Harrington, Joseph E.
2008 Endogenous Cartel Formation with Heterogeneous FirmsBos, Iwan / Harrington, Joseph E.
2008 Identifying dynamic games with serially-correlated unobservablesHu, Yingyao / Shum, Matthew
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