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DateTitle Authors
2013 The case for four percent inflationBall, Laurence M.
2012 Expected multi-utility representationsGalaabaatar, Tsogbadral / Karni, Edi
2012 "Reverse Bayesianism": A choice-based theory of growing awarenessKarni, Edi / Vierø, Marie-Louise
2012 Evaluating mergers for coordinated effects and the role of 'parallel accommodating conduct'Harrington, Joseph E.
2012 Misclassification errors and the underestimation of the US unemployment rateFeng, Shuaizhang / Hu, Yingyao
2012 Forecasting interest ratesDuffee, Gregory R.
2012 A theory of tacit collusionHarrington, Joseph E.
2012 The US employment-population reversal in the 2000s: Facts and explanationsMoffitt, Robert A.
2012 Ben Bernanke and the zero boundBall, Laurence M.
2012 Dissecting saving dynamics: Measuring wealth, precautionary, and credit effectsCarroll, Christopher / Slacalek, Jiri / Sommer, Martin
2012 Maharam-types and Lyapunov's theorem for vector measures on Banach spacesKhan, M. Ali / Sagara, Nobusumi
2012 Okun's Law: Fit at 50?Ball, Laurence M. / Leigh, Daniel / Loungani, Prakash
2012 Implications of wealth heterogeneity for macroeconomicsCarroll, Christopher D.
2012 The economics of options-implied inflation probability density functionsKitsul, Yuriy / Wright, Jonathan H.
2012 Estimating a model of strategic network choice: The convenience-store industry in OkinawaNishida, Mitsukuni
2012 Informational loss in bundled bargainingChen, Ying / Eraslan, Hülya
2012 Bond pricing and the macroeconomyDuffee, Gregory R.
2012 Mandatory versus discretionary spending: The status quo effectBowen, T. Renee / Chen, Ying / Eraslan, Hülya
2012 Ambiguity attitudes: An experimental investigationCharness, Gary / Karni, Edi / Levin, Dan
2011 On large games with a bio-social typologyKhan, M. Ali / Rath, Kali P. / Sun, Yeneng / Yu, Haomiao
2011 Estimating production functions with robustness against errors in the proxy variablesHuang, Guofang / Hu, Yingyao
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