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DateTitle Authors
2009 Characterization of pure strategy equilibria in uniform price IPO auctionsZhang, Ping
2009 The moral costs of nastinessAbbink, Klaus / Herrmann, Benedikt
2009 Social comparison and performance: Experimental evidence on the fair-wage effort hypothesisGächter, Simon / Thöni, Christian
2009 The power of apologyAbeler, Johannes / Calaki, Juljana / Andree, Kai / Basek, Christoph
2009 Two's company, three's a group: The impact of group identity and group size on in-group favouritismHarris, Donna / Herrmann, Benedikt / Kontoleon, Andreas
2009 Endogenous move structure and voluntary provision of public goods: Theory and experimentsNosenzo, Daniele / Sefton, Martin / Possajennikov, Alex
2008 Understanding perpetual R&D racesBreitmoser, Yves / Tan, Jonathan H. W. / Zizzo, Daniel John
2008 Proportional payoffs in majority gamesMontero, Maria
2008 Endogenous entry in contestsMorgan, John / Orzen, Henrik / Sefton, Martin
2008 Reciprocity, culture and human cooperation: Previous insights and a new cross-cultural experimentGächter, Simon / Herrmann, Benedikt
2008 Who makes a good leader? Social preferences and leading-by-exampleGächter, Simon / Nosenzo, Daniele / Renner, Elke / Sefton, Martin
2008 Loss aversion and rent-seeking: An experimental studyKong, Xiaojing
2008 Explaining focal points: Cognitive hierarchy theory versus team reasoningBardsley, Nicholas / Mehta, Judith / Starmer, Chris / Sugden, Robert
2008 Fundraising through competition: Evidence from the labOrzen, Henrik
2008 The appearance of homo rivalis: Social preferences and the nature of rent seekingHerrmann , Benedikt / Orzen, Henrik
2007 The paradox of new members in the council of ministers: A noncooperative approachMontero, Maria
2007 Virtual world experimentation: An exploratory studyChesney, Thomas / Chuah, Swee-Hoon / Hoffmann, Robert
2006 Conditional cooperation: Behavioral regularities from the lab and the field and their policy implicationsGächter, Simon
2006 Design a contract!: A simple principal-agent problem as a classroom experimentGächter, Simon / Königstein, Manfred
2006 Exploring the nature of loss aversionJohnson, Eric J. / Gächter, Simon / Herrmann, Andreas
2006 Private-collective innovation and the fragility of knowledge sharingGächter, Simon / Von Krogh, Georg / Haefliger, Stefan
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