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DateTitle Authors
2010 The limits of self-governance when cooperators get punished: Experimental evidence from urban and rural RussiaGächter, Simon / Herrmann, Benedikt
2010 Secessionism and minority protection in an uncertain worldAnesi, Vincent
2010 Moral judgments in social dilemmas: How bad is free riding?Cubitt, Robin P. / Drouvelis, Michalis / Gächter, Simon / Kabalin, Ruslan
2010 Cooperation and punishment under uncertain enforcementSousa, Sergio
2010 The effects of (incentivized) belief elicitation in public goods experimentsGächter, Simon / Renner, Elke
2010 Networks and markets: The dynamic impacts of information, matching and transaction costs on tradeKumagai, Yuki
2010 Are smarter people really less risk averse?Sousa, Sergio
2010 Small-scale changes in wealth and attitudes towards riskSousa, Sergio
2010 Inducing good behavior: Bonuses versus fines in inspection gamesNosenzo, Daniele / Offerman, Theo / Sefton, Martin / van der Veen, Ailko
2010 Bargaining in legislatures: A new donation paradoxMontero, Maria
2010 Peer effects in pro-social behavior: social norms or social preferences?Gächter, Simon / Nosenzo, Daniele / Sefton, Martin
2010 A new old solution for weak tournamentsAnesi, Vincent
2010 Endogenous move structure and voluntary provision of public goods: Theory and experimentNosenzo, Daniele / Sefton, Martin
2010 VendettasBolle, Friedel / Tan, Jonathan H. W. / Zizzo, Daniel John
2011 The roles of incentives and voluntary cooperation for contractual complianceGächter, Simon / Kessler, Esther / Königstein, Manfred
2011 Common reasoning in games: A Lewisian analysis of common knowledge of rationalityCubitt, Robin P. / Sugden, Robert
2011 The experimental economics of religionHoffmann, Robert
2011 Optimal delegation with a finite number of statesAnesi, Vincent / Seidmann, Daniel
2011 Escalation bargaining: Theoretical analysis and experimental testChuah, Swee-Hoon / Hoffmann, Robert / Larner, Jeremy
2011 Voting power in the EU Council of Ministers and fair decision making in distributive politicsLe Breton, Michel / Montero, Maria / Zaporozhets, Vera
2011 The social costs of responsibilityHumphrey, Steven J. / Renner, Elke
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