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DateTitle Authors
2003 Is preference reversal just stochastic variation?Braga, Jacinto
2003 Social interaction effects in the laboratory and society: Conformism and reciprocity in public good provisionBardsley, Nicholas / Sausgruber, Rupert
2003 24Abbink, Klaus / Brandts, Jordi
2004 The donor problemAbbink, Klaus / Ellman, Matthew
2005 Explaining preference reversal with third-generation prospect theorySchmidt, Ulrich / Starmer, Chris / Sugden, Robert
2005 The Syr Darya river conflict: An experimental case studyAbbink, Klaus / Moller, Lars Christian / O'Hara, Sarah
2005 Choice under uncertainty in developing countriesHarrison, Glenn W. / Humphrey, Steven J. / Verschoor, Arjan
2005 Testing for feedback-conditional regret effects using a natural lotteryHumphrey, Steven J. / Mann, Paul / Starmer, Chris
2005 Determinants of revolt: Evidence from survey and laboratory dataAbbink, Klaus / Pezzini, Silvia
2005 Collusion in growing and shrinking markets: Empirical evidence from experimental duopoliesAbbink, Klaus / Brandts, Jordi
2006 Heterogeneous social preference and the dynamics of free riding in public goodsFischbacher, Urs / Gächter, Simon
2006 Private-collective innovation and the fragility of knowledge sharingGächter, Simon / Von Krogh, Georg / Haefliger, Stefan
2006 Exploring the nature of loss aversionJohnson, Eric J. / Gächter, Simon / Herrmann, Andreas
2006 Design a contract!: A simple principal-agent problem as a classroom experimentGächter, Simon / Königstein, Manfred
2006 Conditional cooperation: Behavioral regularities from the lab and the field and their policy implicationsGächter, Simon
2007 Virtual world experimentation: An exploratory studyChesney, Thomas / Chuah, Swee-Hoon / Hoffmann, Robert
2007 The paradox of new members in the council of ministers: A noncooperative approachMontero, Maria
2008 The appearance of homo rivalis: Social preferences and the nature of rent seekingHerrmann , Benedikt / Orzen, Henrik
2008 Fundraising through competition: Evidence from the labOrzen, Henrik
2008 Explaining focal points: Cognitive hierarchy theory versus team reasoningBardsley, Nicholas / Mehta, Judith / Starmer, Chris / Sugden, Robert
2008 Loss aversion and rent-seeking: An experimental studyKong, Xiaojing
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