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DateTitle Authors
2009 Characterization of pure strategy equilibria in uniform price IPO auctionsZhang, Ping
2009 Gift exchange and workers' fairness concerns: When equality is unfairAbeler, Johannes / Altmann, Steffen / Kube, Sebastian / Wibral, Matthias
2009 Inter-group conflict and intra-group punishment in an experimental contest gameAbbink, Klaus / Brandts, Jordi / Herrmann, Benedikt / Orzen, Henrik
2009 Signaling without common prior: An experimentDrouvelis, Michalis / Müller, Wieland / Possajennikov, Alex
2009 Living in two neighborhoods: Social interaction effects in the labFalk, Armin / Fischbacher, Urs / Gächter, Simon
2009 The tobit model with feedback and random effects: A Monte-Carlo studyPoen, Eva
2009 Sequential versus simultaneous contributions to public goods: Experimental evidenceGächter, Simon / Nosenzo, Daniele / Renner, Elke / Sefton, Martin
2009 Confusion and reinforcement learning in experimental public goods gamesBayer, Ralph-C. / Renner, Elke / Sausgruber, Rupert
2009 Preference reversals and disparities between willingness to pay and willingness to accept in repeated marketsLoomes, Graham / Starmer, Chris / Sugden, Robert
2009 Divisible-good uniform price auctions: The role of allocation rules and communication among biddersSefton, Martin / Zhang, Ping
2009 Who makes a good leader? Cooperativeness, optimism and leading-by-exampleGächter, Simon / Nosenzo, Daniele / Renner, Elke / Sefton, Martin
2009 Reference points and effort provisionAbeler, Johannes / Falk, Armin / Götte, Lorenz / Huffman, David
2009 Social preferences, beliefs and the dynamics of free riding in public good experimentsFischbacher, Urs / Gächter, Simon
2010 Culture and cooperationGächter, Simon / Herrmann, Benedikt / Thöni, Christian
2010 Individual-level loss aversion in riskless and risky choicesGächter, Simon / Johnson, Eric J. / Herrmann, Andreas
2010 The impact of pay comparisons on effort behaviorNosenzo, Daniele
2010 Fungibility, labels and consumptionAbeler, Johannes / Marklein, Felix
2010 The framing of games and the psychology of playDufwenberg, Martin / Gächter, Simon / Hennig-Schmidt, Heike
2010 Self selection does not increase other-regarding preferences among adult laboratory subjects, but student subjects may be more self-regarding than adultsAnderson, Jon / Burks, Stephen V. / Carpenter, Jeffrey / Götte, Lorenz / Maurer, Karsten / Nosenzo, Daniele / Potter, Ruth / Rocha, Kim / Rustichini, Aldo
2010 The impact of social comparisons on reciprocityGächter, Simon / Nosenzo, Daniele / Sefton, Martin
2010 The limits of self-governance when cooperators get punished: Experimental evidence from urban and rural RussiaGächter, Simon / Herrmann, Benedikt
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