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DateTitle Authors
2014 Peer effects and social preferences in voluntary cooperationThöni, Christian / Gächter, Simon
2014 Discretionary sanctions and rewards in the repeated inspection gameNosenzo, Daniele / Offerman, Theo / Sefton, Martin / van der Veen, Ailko
2014 Moving ahead by thinking backwards: Cognitive skills, personality, and economic preferences in collegiate successBurks, Stephen V. / Lewis, Connor / Kivi, Paul / Wiener, Amanda / Anderson, Jon E. / Götte, Lorenz / DeYoung, Colin / Rustichini, Aldo
2014 Human pro-social motivation and the maintenance of social orderGächter, Simon
2014 Evolution of similarity judgements in intertemporal choiceAdriani, Fabrizio / Sonderegger, Silvia
2014 How do risk attitudes affect measured confidence?Murad, Zahra / Sefton, Martin / Starmer, Chris
2014 Affirmative action through extra prizesDahm, Matthias / Esteve, Patricia
2014 Risk taking and information aggregation in groupsBougheas, Spiros / Nieboer, Jeroen / Sefton, Martin
2014 Common value allocation mechanisms with private information: Lotteries or auctions?Matros, Alexander / Possajennikov, Alex
2013 Participatory accountability and collective action: Experimental evidence from AlbaniaBarr, Abigail / Packard, Truman / Serra, Danila
2013 Risk taking in diverse groups: Gender mattersNieboer, Jeroen
2013 A carrot and stick approach to agenda-settingDahm, Matthias / Glazer, Amihai
2013 Signaling about norms: Socialization under strategic uncertaintyAdriani, Fabrizio / Sonderegger, Silvia
2013 One swallow doesn't make a summer: New evidence on anchoring effectsManiadis, Zacharias / Tufano, Fabio / List, John A.
2013 Cooperation in small groups: The effect of group sizeNosenzo, Daniele / Quercia, Simone / Sefton, Martin
2013 Self-selection into economics experiments is driven by monetary rewardsAbeler, Johannes / Nosenzo, Daniele
2013 Majoritarian contests with asymmetric battlefields: An experimentMontero, Maria / Possajennikov, Alex / Sefton, Martin / Turocy, Theodore
2013 Trust, trustworthiness and the consensus effect: An evolutionary approachAdriani, Fabrizio / Sonderegger, Silvia
2013 Risk taking in social settings: Group and peer effectsBougheas, Spiros / Nieboer, Jeroen / Sefton, Martin
2013 Risk-taking in social settings: Group and peer effectsBougheas, Spiros / Nieboer, Jeroen / Sefton, Martin
2013 Information feedback and contest structure in rent-seeking gamesFallucchi, Francesco / Renner, Elke / Sefton, Martin
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