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DateTitle Authors
2010 The electronic commerce in the travel agencie's activities in Bulgaria and terms of reference for its elaborationKazandzhieva, Velina
2011 Learning organizations: Prerequisite for successful tourism organizationsKraleva, Natasa
2011 Analysis of the demographic potential in function of tourismGjorgievski, Mijalce
2011 Management by objectives: Management philosophy for prosperous tourism organizationsKralev, Todor
2011 Book review: Methodology of scientific research by Zoran IvanovicKraleva, Natasa
2011 Influence of FDI on tourism in CrostiaIvanovic, Zoran / Baresa, Suzana / Bogdan, Sinisa
2011 Role of tradtional food in tourist destination image building: Example of the city of MostarPestek, Almir / Nikolic, Aleksandra
2011 Strategic management within the tourism and the world globalizationKirovska, Zanina
2011 Tourism in the global development strategy of Macedonia: Economic perspectivesPetrevska, Biljana
2011 Contemporary tendencies in the tourism operationMilenkovska, Violeta
2011 Banks in transition countries as one of most attractive investmentsOrsag, Silvije / Dedi, Lidija / Mihalina, Emil
2011 CRM development in hospitality companies for the purpose of increasing the competitiveness in the tourist marketIvanovic, Slobodan / Mikinac, Kresimir / Perman, Luka
2011 An empirical study on job prospects in BPO: Indian perspectiveMehta, Dhermendra / Sharma, Jitendra K. / Mehta, Naveen K.
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