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DateTitle Authors
2010 Leading effective meetings in a hospitality organizationIvanovic, Slobodan / Galicic, Vlado / Susnjar, Nikola
2010 The ownership structure as a corporate governance mechanism in Serbian hotelsPetrovic, Pero / Cerovic, Slobodan
2010 Elaboration of the superstructure of the Bulgarian hotel industryDabeva, Tanya
2010 Cluster as a model of sustainable competitiveness of small and medium entrepreneurship in the tourist marketIvanovic, Slobodan / Katic, Antonia / Mikinac, Kresimir
2010 Advertising industry: Trends oppurtunities and challenges with specisl emphasis of Chinese tourismDzidrov, Misko
2010 Tourism and local self-government on the DodecanesStamos, Athanasios / Kicosev, Sasa
2010 Relationship marketing in the tourist services sectorCosic, Maja / Djuric, Milenko D.
2010 Possibilities of financial support to small and medium hotel companies in SerbieBarjaktarovic, Dragoljub / Barjaktarovic, Lidija
2010 Evaluation of hotel service-performance process in BulgariaLukanova, Georgina
2010 The role of libraries in the development of cultural tourism with special emphasis to the Bibliotheca Alexandria in EgyptTosic, Violeta / Lazarevic, Sanja
2010 India's foreign direct investment: Current status, issues and policy recommendationsAnsari, Mohd. Shamim / Ranga, Mukesh
2010 The promotion of cultural tourism on the level of Belgrade as a tourist destinationStojanovic, Radomir
2010 Improving the distribution of Bulgarian seaside holiday hotelsMarinov, Stoyan / Kazandzhieva, Velina
2010 Education in ecological tourism and the use of ecological educational pathsStefanova, Akulina
2010 Financial analysis fundament for assessment the value of the companyKaranovic, Goran / Bogdan, Sinisa / Baresa, Suzana
2010 Marketing and management implementation on megatrends in modern tourismBakic, Ognjen / Hrabrovski-Tomic, Eva / Muhi, Bela / Kovacevic, Jelena
2010 Conceptualization and classification of balneo, SPA and wellness establichments in BulgariaGeorgiev, Georgi / Vasileva, Maria Trifonova
2010 Techniques for managing projects risk in capital budgeting processKaranovic, Goran / Baresa, Suzana / Bogdan, Sinisa
2010 Portfolio analysis based on the example of Zagreb Stock ExchangeBogdan, Sinisa / Baresa, Suzana / Ivanovic, Sasa
2010 Research on behaviors of government's tourism marketingQuian, Shan
2010 The electronic commerce in the travel agencie's activities in Bulgaria and terms of reference for its elaborationKazandzhieva, Velina
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