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DateTitle Authors
2011 The amendment and empirical test of arbitrage pricing modelsWang, Shaojun / Yang, Xiaoping / Cheng, Juan / Zhang, Yafang / Zhao, Peibiao
2011 Why activity based costing (ABC) is still tagging behind the traditional costing in Malaysia?Rasiah, Devinaga
2011 Market timing and statistical arbitrage: Which market timing opportunities arise from equity price busts coinciding with recessions? The Swedish stock market in the financial crises 2008Grobys, Klaus
2011 Effective bank corporate governance: Observations from the market crash and recommendations for policyChoudhry, Moorad
2011 Tests of the overreaction hypothesis and the timing of mean reversals on the JSE Securities Exchange (JSE): The case of South AfricaHsieh, Heng-hsing / Hodnett, Kathleen
2011 The stock selection problem: Is the stock selection approach more important than the optimization method? Evidence from the Danish stock marketGrobys, Klaus
2011 A recommended financial model for the selection of safest portfolio by using simulation and optimization techniquesArekar, Kirti / Kumar, Sanjeevani
2011 Determining the probability of default of agricultural loans in a French bankJouault, Amelie / Featherstone, Allen M.
2011 The status quo bias of bond market analystsGubaydullina, Zulia / Hein, Oliver / Spiwoks, Markus
2011 Does government linked companies (GLCs) perform better than non-GLCs? Evidence from Malaysian listed companiesRazak, Nazrul Hisyam Ab / Ahmad, Rubi / Joher, Huson Aliahmed