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DateTitle Authors
2008 Sozialmodelle im internationalen Vergleich: wo stehen die neuen EU-MitgliedstaatenKnogler, Michael / Lankes, Fidelis
2008 The creative class, bohemians and local labor market performance: a micro-data panel study for Germany 1975-2004Möller, Joachim / Tubadji, Annie
2009 Der Erfolg von FlexicurityHuber, Stephan
2009 Temporary labour migration and welfare at the new European fringe: a comparison of five Eastern European countriesM. Danzer, Alexander / Dietz, Barbara
2009 Stabilisierungsfonds und makroökonomische GovernanceJerger, Jürgen / Migrow, Dimitri
2009 The macroeconomic consequences of EMU: international evidence from a DSGE modelJerger, Jürgen / Röhe, Oke
2009 Determinants of lifetime unemployment: a micro data analysis with censored quantile regressionsSchmillen, Achim / Möller, Joachim
2009 Are transition economy workers underpaid?Adamchik, Vera A. / Brada, Josef C. / King, Arthur E.
2010 Drivers of exchange rate dynamics in selected CIS countries: Evidence from a FAVAR analysisDreger, Christian / Fidrmuc, Jarko
2010 Can we identify Balassa-Samuelson effects with measures of product variety?Frensch, Richard / Schmillen, Achim
2010 The empire is dead, long live the empire!: Values and human interactions 90 years after the fall of the Habsburg empireBecker, Sascha O. / Boeckh, Katrin / Hainz, Christa / Woessmann, Ludger
2010 Divide and privatize: Firms break-up and performanceKoécenda, Evézen / Hanousek, Jan
2010 (Wie) Führt Außenhandel zu Wirtschaftswachstum?Eck, Katharina
2010 Migration and remittances in Macedonia: A reviewDietz, Barabara
2010 What makes Russian women (un)happy? A closer look at the familySelezneva, Ekaterina
2010 Surveying transitional experience and subjective well-being: Income, work, familySelezneva, Ekaterina
2010 Langfristige Wachstumsaussichten der ukrainischen Wirtschaft: Potenziale und BarrierenKnogler, Michael / Vincentz, Volkhart / Frey, Miriam
2010 Foreign and Domestic Growth Drivers in Eastern EuropeWeber, Enzo
2010 European trade in parts and components: Searching (for a trade model for searching) for offshoring evidenceFrensch, Richard
2010 Are wages equal across sectors of production? A panel data analysis for tradable and non-tradable goodsSchmillen, Achim
2010 The fixed wage puzzle: Why profit sharing is so hard to implementJerger, Jürgen / Michaelis, Jochen
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