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DateTitle Authors
2011 Inflation convergence and the new keynesian phillips curve in the Czech RepublicDaniésková, Katarína / Fidrmuc, Jarko
2011 Migration, transfers and child laborDimova, Ralitza / Epstein, Gil S. / Gang, Ira N.
2011 Life (dis)satisfaction and decision to migrate: Evidence from central and Eastern EuropeOtrachshenko, Vladimir / Popova, Olga
2011 Migration as a substitute for informal activities: Evidence from TajikistanAbdulloev, Ilhom / Gang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John
2011 Non-stationary interest rate differentials and the role of monetary policyMatros, Philipp / Weber, Enzo
2011 Revealed informal activityDimova, Ralitza / Gang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John
2011 The Penn Effect and transition: The new EU member states in international perspectiveFrensch, Richard / Schmillen, Achim
2011 Migration and remittances in Kazakhstan: Survey technical reportDietz, Barbara / Gatskova, Kseniia
2011 Is caste destiny? Occupational diversification among dalits in rural IndiaGang, Ira / Sen, Kunal / Yun, Myeong-su
2011 Financial efficiency and the ownership of Czech firmsHanousek, Jan / Koécenda, Evézen / Maésika, Michal
2011 Determinants of internal migration in KazakhstanAldashev, Alisher / Dietz, Barbara
2011 Converging wages, diverging GRP: Directed technical change and endogenous growth. Empirical analysis of growth patterns across Kazakh regionsAldashev, Alisher
2011 The EU-Ukraine trade liberalization: How much do the costs of tariff elimination matter?Frey, Miriam / Olekseyuk, Zoryana
2011 Migration and remittances in Kazakhstan: First evidence from a household surveyDietz, Barbara / Gatskova, Kseniia / Schmillen, Achim
2011 Bigger fish in small pond: The interaction between foreigners' trading and emerging stock market returns under the microscopeÜlkü, Numan / Weber, Enzo
2011 The exporter wage premium reconsidered destinations, distances and linked employer-employee dataSchmillen, Achim
2011 Where to work? Gender differences in labor market outcomes during economic crisisDimova, Ralitza / Gang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John
2011 Can economic crises be good for your diet?Dimova, Ralitza / Gang, Ira N. / Gbakou, Monnet / Hoffman, Daniel
2011 Social capital and economic development: The case of UzbekistanTrochke, Manuela
2011 Speed and sequencing of transition reforms and income inequality: A panel data analysisAristei, David / Perugini, Cristiano
2010 The fixed wage puzzle: Why profit sharing is so hard to implementJerger, Jürgen / Michaelis, Jochen
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