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DateTitle Authors
2012 Corporate Governance and Pension Fund PerformanceKowalewski, Oskar
2012 Political Economy: Success or Failure?Frey, Bruno S. / Steiner, Lasse
2012 Trust, Personal Moral Codes, and the Resource-Advantage Theory of Competition: Explaining Productivity, Economic Growth, and Wealth CreationHunt, Shelby D.
2012 Does Planning Belong to the Politics of the Past?Czarniawska, Barbara
2012 Better Safe than Sorry - Individual Risk-free Pension Schemes in the European UnionPeters, Marga
2012 Infinite Portfolio StrategiesLeRoy, Stephen F.
2012 Punishment as a Price to PaySiang, Ch'ng Kean
2012 The Role of Hybrid Instruments in the Implementation of Business Tax PolicyGajewski, Daniel
2012 Differences in the Level and Structure of Household Indebtedness in the EU CountriesAnioła, Paulina / Gołaś, Zbigniew
2012 What Really Ails the Eurozone?: Faulty Supranational ArchitectureRazin, Assaf / Rosenfielde, Steven
2011 The influence of working capital management on the food industry enterprises profitabilityBieniasz, Anna / Gołaś, Zbigniew
2011 Decentralization and participatory rural development: A literature reviewAhmad, Muhammad Shakil / Talib, Noraini B. Abu
2011 Wykluczenie SpołecznePanek, Tomasz / Czapiński, Janusz
2011 Stan Społeczeństwa ObywatelskiegoCzapiński, Janusz / Sułek, Antoni
2011 Warunki Życia Gospodarstw DomowychBiałowolski, Piotr / Czapiński, Janusz / Grabowska, Izabela / Kotowska, Irena E. / Panek, Tomasz
2011 Economic efficiency in Indian rubber industryRay, Sarba Priya
2011 Special Issue: Diagnoza Społeczna 2011 Warunki i Jakość Życia Polaków
2011 Podsumowanie BadańCzapiński, Janusz
2011 Indywidualna Jakość ŻyciaCzapiński, Janusz / Sułek, Antoni / Szumlicz, Tadeusz
2011 DCF fair value valuation, excessive assetes and hidden inefficienciesMielcarz, Paweł / Wnuczak, Paweł
2011 Job satisfaction, effort, and performance: A reasoned action perspectiveAjzen, Icek
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