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DateTitle Authors
2009 Task independence in stated preference studies: A test of order effect explanationsDay, Brett / Bateman, Ian J. / Carson, Richard T. / Dupont, Diane / Louviere, Jordan J. / Morimoto, Sanae / Scarpa, Riccardo / Wang, Paul
2009 The willingness-to-accept/willingness-to-pay disparity in repeated markets: Loss aversion or 'bad-deal' aversion?Isoni, Andrea
2009 Economic analysis for ecosystem assessments: Application for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA)Bateman, Ian
2009 Modifying actor-network theory to analyse the German project of photovoltaic electrical energy generationGalvin, Ray
2009 Thermal upgrades of existing homes in Germany: The building code, subsidies, and economic efficiencyGalvin, Ray
2009 A town called eco: What notions of sustainable development do the government's proposed eco-towns embody?Rose, Sean
2009 Low-carbon currencies: The potential of time banking and local money systems for community carbon-reductionSeyfang, Gill
2009 Robust interpolation of agricultural census data to hydrological units and implications for diffuse pollution modellingPosen, Paulette E. / Hutchins, Michael G. / Lovett, Andrew A. / Davies, Helen N.
2008 Quantifying NAFTA environmental impacts: Energy and agricultureSoto Montes de Oca, Gloria
2008 Choice set awareness and ordering effects in discrete choice experiments in discrete choice experimentsBateman, Ian J. / Carson, Richard T. / Day, Brett / Dupont, Diane / Louviere, Jordan J. / Morimoto, Sanae / Scarpa, Riccardo / Wang, Paul
2008 Valuing spatially dispersed environmental goods: A joint revealed and stated preference model to consistently separate use and non-use valuesFerrini, Silvia / Fezzi, Carlo / Day, Brett H. / Bateman, Ian J.
2007 Personal carbon trading: Notional concept or workable proposition? Exploring theoretical, ideological and practical underpinningsSeyfang, Gill / Lorenzoni, Irene / Nye, Mike
2007 Defining and classifying ecosystem services for decision makingFisher, Brendan / Costanza, Robert / Turner, R. Kerry / Morling Paul
2007 The tragedy of the tropics: A dynamic, cross-scale analysis of deforestation incentivesStrassburg, Bernardo
2007 Joining-up or departmentalism? Coordinating policy for sustainable development in the United KingdomRussel, Duncan / Jordan, Andrew
2006 Understanding task allocation in the European Union: Testing the value of a federal perspectiveBenson, David / Jordan, Andrew
2006 Does phosphate treatment for prevention of eutrophication pass the benefit-cost test?Bateman, Ian / Day, Brett / Dupont, Diane / Georgiou, Stavros / Matias, Nuno / Moritomo, Sanae / Subramanian, Logakanthi
2006 Preference learning versus coherent arbitrariness: NOAA guidelines or a learning design contingent valuation (LDCV)Bateman, Ian J. / Burgess, Diane / Hutchinson, W. George / Matthews, David I.
2006 Conscious consumer resistance? Local organic food networks versus the supermarketsSeyfang, Gill
2006 Incentivised experimental investigations of the affect heuristicBateman, Ian J. / Slovic, Paul / Starmer, Chris
2006 Estimating the demand for peace and quiet using property market dataDay, Brett / Bateman, Ian / Lake, Iain
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