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DateTitle Authors
2001 A conceptual framework for environmental justice based on shared but differentiated responsibilitiesAli, Asghar
2001 Visible choice sets and scope sensitivity: An experimental and field test of study design effects upon nested contingent valuesBateman, Ian J. / Cooper, Philip / Georgiou, Stavros / Poe, Gregory L
2002 EU environmental governance: Uncomplicated and predictable policy making? By Jenny Fairbrass and Andrew JordanFairbrass, Jenny / Jordan, Andrew
2002 Investigating the characteristics of expressed preferences for reducing the impacts of air pollution: A contingent valuation experimentBateman, Ian J. / Georgiou, Stavros / Langford, Ian H. / Poe, Gregory L. / Tsoumas / Andreas
2002 The interpretation of contingent values with measures of attitude and motivation: An empirical case study of alternative water quality improvement schemes in a lake with amenityCooper, Philip / Poe, Gregory L. / Bateman, Ian J
2002 Governance for sustainability: Towards a 'thick' understanding of environmental decision makingAndger, William Neil / Brown, Katrina / Fairbrass, Jenny / Jordan, Andrew / Paavola, Jouni / Posendo, Sergio
2002 New institutional economics and the environment: Conceptual foundations and policy implicationsPaavola, Jouni / Adger, William Neil
2002 Valuing nature: Lessons learned and future research directionsTurner, R. Kerry / Paavola, Jouni / Cooper, Phillip / Faber, Stephen / Jessamy, Valma / Georgiou, Stavros
2003 Submarket identification in property markets: A hedonic housing price model for GlasgowDay, Brett
2003 Contrasting conventional with multi-level modelling approaches to meta-analysis: Exceptation consistency in UK woodland recreation valuesBateman, Ian J. / Jones, Andrew P
2003 Environmental governance and the dispersal of decision-makingFairbrass, Jenny
2003 Coordinated European governance: Self organising or centrally steered?Schout, Adriaan / Jordan, Andrew
2003 Is there loss aversion in buying? An adversarial collaborationBateman, Ian / Kahneman, Daniel / Munro, Alistair / Starmer, Chris / Sugden, Robert
2003 What price peace? A comprehensive approach to the specification and estimation of hedonic housing price modelsDay, Brett / Bateman, Ian / Lake, Iain
2003 Coping with preference anomalies in cost-benefit analysisSugden, Robert
2003 Has governance eclipsed government? Patterns if environmental instrument selection and use in eight states and the EUJordan, Andrew / Wurzel, RĂ¼diger K. W. / Zito, Anthony R
2003 Forest policy and the global portrayal of forest-dwellers: Understanding the role of environmentalist discourses in Brazil and MalaysiaBending, Tim / Rosendo, Sergio
2003 Evolving participatory institutions for tropical forest management: Adaptations and change in the context of extractive reserves in Brazilian AmazoniaRosendo, Sergio
2003 First impressions count: Almost double! : A study of the interaction of interviewer appearance and information effects in stated preference studiesBateman, Ian J. / Mawby, James
2003 From Frankenstein foods to Veggie box schemes: Sustainable consumption in cultural perspectiveSeyfang, Gill
2003 The responsibility criterion: Consumer sovereignty without the assumption of coherent preferencesSugden, Robert
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